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Aaww The Holiday


It’s been a long fun weekend. I’ve been laying around and eating. Do you think my butt looks any bigger from eating too much this weekend?

I’ve tried some new foods over the past couple of days. I’ve tried pancakes. Mom fixed me some peach ones and plain ones… Of course on two different days. They were yummy. Not too sweet and no I didn’t have syrup with them. I could eat these again.

I’ve also tried what mom called hoe cakes. They were kind of like cornbread but flat. They were buttery and crispy around the corners.

Then mom fixed homemade flat bread. Guess who got to try them? Me! They kind of tasted like crispy pizza crust. Not bad at all. I would definitely try these again.

Mom had some single serve microwave popcorn in the house. She told me I could have them. She popped me a bag tonight. It was just enough for me. I recognize the sound of the popping corn kernels now. When I heard it, I came running out of my room for my snack.

After a long weekend, this is where mom found me this afternoon. Notice that nice full tummy.


So, what did you do this long weekend?

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Happy Labor Day


Happy Labor day my friends. Mommy said that it’s a holiday to celebrate people that work in all kinds of different ways. She also said that a lot of people look at this holiday as the end of Summer. I can definitely go for this. The end of Summer means cool weather is right around the corner. That means my hibernation kicks in all the way.

Mom also says that there is a lot of people that celebrate the holiday by cooking out. Mom says that we aren’t going to any cookouts because she didn’t want me to be the master of the ceremony. I’m not sure what she meant by that.

We’re probably going to grill out some steaks. I’m all for eating more beef. 🙂

So happy Labor Day my friends. Enjoy and be safe in whatever you do.

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