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I Knew She Was Evil

I always had questions about my sister, the purr thing Mouse Girl. She’s a girl and I’m still at that icky cootie girl stage.

I finally have proof that she’s something special. I was able to snap a picture this morning of her when she was watching me eat breakfast. You look and see what I mean.

It’s not that we don’t get along, we do. She’s just a little princess.


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You’re Checking Out My Tail, Aren’t You?

20120928-092335.jpgMom, forever flash happy, took this picture this morning.  Do you see my tail in mid swing?  I was like, “Mom, really, you checking out my tail?”  She just laughed and laughing thinking it was so funny and cute.  It’s my back end for goodness sake. 

She laughs and it makes me feel good that I can bring joy to her life.  I walk around all of the time swinging my tail back and forth.  It’s what I do. 

She took plenty of pictures this morning and I’ll share some later this weekend. 

Have a great day because this pig is gliding into the weekend!


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It’s Finally Here!


Stop and smell the flowers. It’s almost the weekend! I can almost see it from here.

Weekends are cool and nice. Usually mom and dad are both home and this weekend is no different. I especially like the weekends where they kind of camp out at the house all weekend. This is double down Bacon bonding time. I hang out in the front room with them watching television and of course we normally all fall asleep. I’m not sure who snores the loudest yet.


Also when moms home on the weekend, she does a lot of cooking. You know what this means? I get to be her sous chef. Happy day! I wonder what kind of wonderful delicacies she will come up with this weekend.


What’s some of your favorite things to do on a long weekend? What ever you decide to do, stop and smell the flowers and make the best of it!

Hogs and kisses XOXO Bacon


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How I Was Adopted


Mommy tells me this story sometimes at night when she is putting me to bed. She’s always wanted a miniature pot bellied pig as a pet. She’s also always wanted to name him Bacon. 🙂 As far back as she can remember, she’s dreamed of having a little piggy follow her around like Mary had a little lamb. A little piggy to call hers that was loving, sweet and devoted to her.

Her dream was put on hold due to unforeseen life situations, but in the back of her mind she still always dreamed about that piggy. She wasn’t blessed with children and that dream started rising back up once she got settled in married life. There was something missing.

In early October 2011, mommy came across an ad, just by chance, that was advertising piglets for sale before the winter season arrived. She spoke to daddy about the ad and he knew her long time dream of wanting a piggy. He told her to go for it.

She called and spoke with the lady who was all the way in Kentucky but there just wasn’t a connection and that was a really LONG ride from home. She didn’t let that stop her though. She started looking locally for someone that had newborn piglets for sale before the winter. What she found out was that early October was a great time to look. There were lots of piglets out there that needed adoption before winter kicked in full force.

Somehow in her calling, she called the same lady twice by accident. It was strange how this happened. There was also a connection there. Both times that mom talked to this lady, she happened to be holding me or feeding me. She talked about how sweet and loving I was. She even told mom that she would come down on her price for me.

Mom jumped and told her that she wanted me. Mom told her, “Please do not sale him to anyone else.” This was on a Thursday. She got directions, requested to be off of work the next day and told the lady she would meet her the next day to get me. Mom asked for her to take a picture on her cell phone and send it to her so she could see the precious bundle. While she waited for the picture, mom was as nervous as an expectant mother. Soon, she would see her baby for the first time. She called dad and told him what she had located and that she was waiting for the first picture of her baby.

A few minutes later, mom’s cell phone pinged. Mom was so excited that she could barely get her phone turned on to look. Then, she saw me for the first time.

She cried. It was an instant connection. She loved me before she even met me in person. She was so excited that she had a hard time sleeping that night. All she could talk about was ‘the new baby coming’. She fixed my room up and got everything prepped for the delivery.

The next morning, mom and dad hit the road for the 3.5 hour drive to pick me up all the way in Bruxton, Georgia. You know the conversation revolved around me. How was I going to act when she met me? Would I accept her? How was I going to act around the purr things? Would I adapt to adopted life?

Then, she finally got here. I had just eaten my lunch. My caretaker was talking to mom about how to handle me, how fast I can be, what I eat, etc. I turned and saw mom for the first time. She picked me up and I immediately snuggled right under her chin and went to sleep. I could feel my heart beat with hers and I was at home. My caretaker told mom that it was a perfect match. I already knew that. I was 3 weeks old and weighed a whopping 1 pound.

This was almost a year ago. In fact, October 6, 2012 will be a year since my adoption date. I came home that first day and it was like I had been there all of my life. I’m like any other child. I have good days and I have bad days. Since I act like a child, they treat me like a child.

I am spoiled and I know that I’m not like regular pigs. I have my own room, my own sleeping bed, my own television and room service. 🙂 When I’m sweet, I can be sweet Bacon. When I’m bad, I can be deviled ham. Heck, I can’t be good 100% of the time, can you? But I am loving, very gentle, snuggly, fun, and so much company. A lot of times, mom says she doesn’t even look at me as a pig. Sometimes I act like a small puppy except I have a snout, hooves, I grunt and snort. Mom says I’m very entertaining when I’m running through the house barking.

But in the end, it all remains the same. Mommy loves me and I love her.


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Dear Bacon

Dear Bacon,
Most of the time, I live in a cage. Sometimes I lick the side of my cage to see what the taste of freedom tastes like. I don’t think it’s the same. So, tell me friend. What does freedom taste like outside of a cage. Signed Freedom Licker
Dear Freedom Licker,
With freedom comes rules and responsibilities. There are house standards that have to be maintained. For instance, no chewing the carpet or tasting the purr things. Those things are frowned upon. Other than that, it’s pretty sweet to roam in my hacienda.

Dear Bacon,
I heard you like carrots as much as I do. Thought this picture would get your mouth salivating and give you dreams. Signed What’s Up Doc

Dear What’s Up Doc,
We could be besties. I love me some carrots. I would be in pig heaven!

Dear Bacon,
Are you ready for some football? Signed Mouse Tracks
Dear Mouse Tracks,
My family has a long history with football. I’m particularly fond of the Razorbacks. Go figure.




Dear Bacon,
I’ve heard you talk about your bubble baths. I thought I would try it. You’re right. They are so relaxing. Signed Rubber Duck Dog
Dear Rubber Duck Dog,
I don’t think I mentioned rubber ducks in my bath but hey whatever destresses you – go for it!

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Prep Night for Food

At night, I run around the house when mom gets home from the worky place.  Last night was an exceptional fun time.  After dinner and washing the dishes, mom prepped my food for the next two weeks.  This is *always* a fun time for me.  I get to be her sous chef while she works with my food. 🙂  You don’t want to miss this quality mommy piggy time!

She starts off washing my seedless grapes.  Those things are sinfully delicious.  She pats them dry and sometimes one or two may fall on the floor right in front of me.  Funny how that happens.  She pulls all of the magnificent grapes off of their stems, puts them in one of my containers and puts it in the magical food box.  Last night, one of them rolled under the kitchen table.  Mom was laughing because all she could see was my little butt shaking in the air trying to go for the grape.  I’m glad I was such amusement for her.

Then mom preps my carrots.  Mom says that I *must* have been a bunny in a former life because I LOVE my carrots.  They are also scrumptious.  She cuts all of them in tiny matchbox sticks and puts them in my giant ziplock baggie.  Of course, I get to try some, you know for quality purposes.  These also go in the magical food box.

Then mom does my salad mix.  I’ve never seen such huge heads of lettuce before.  She cuts it all up in tiny bite size pieces and puts it in two of my giant ziplock bags.  And, of course, for quality purposes I get to try some.  I have to make sure that it tastes good, right?  Again, this goes in the magic food box.


Lastly, mom fixes my favorite… okay all of them are my favorites.  My favorite though is the personal size watermelon.  Thud.  I really do love me some watermelon – from the juice, the melon and the rind.  They are divine.  She cuts all of my melon up, including the rind, and puts it in two of my canisters.  I of course get to try it… for quality assurance.  I did see dad in there last night trying it as well for quality assurance.  See, everyone wins during prep night.  She puts this in the big magic food box and she’s done for the next two weeks. 


Of course, I eat other things as well but these are all snack and supplements to my piggy chow.  There is the occasional apple mom cuts up for me.  And then there is popcorn night!  Who doesn’t like popcorn night?  I can hear that corn popping on the stove all the way in my bedroom.  I’ll come running down the hall to get to the kitchen on popcorn night. 

After all of this quality assurance during prep night, I disappeared while mom was cleaning the kitchen.  She finally found me though.  I was curled up hiding in my blankie on the couch. My belly was so nice and warm… and full.


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My Mom Loves Me –

Okay, turn on your sounds to your computer and get your tissues out.  Mommy made this for me this past weekend.  The first time she showed me and daddy, we cried like big babies.  You have to tell me what you think.  I *think* she loves me.  Say you?




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Yoga – Really?

For some reason, I’ve gotten a lot of mail lately expressing the benefits of yoga. I’ve seen mom do some and I’ve watched it on television. A lot of people have said the benefits of it range from core balancing to stress relaxation. Me and stress? The only thing I stress about is my next meal and watching the clock for it – LOL. And core balancing… Have you seen this belly? They don’t call me a miniature pot BELLY pig for no reason – giggles.

So with all of that said, let’s share some pictures that people have sent me.

Now I’m really impressed with this pooch. Look at the balance he has acquired. It’s amazing!

Another pooch that I’m greatly impressed with. All of that balance with one foot – wow!

I’m not even going to ask what position this is. I do find it intriguing that they can do that. They must be using a lot of balance from their trunk. I’m impressed.

Okay. I’ve seen everything now. And no, I’m not going to be posting a picture of myself doing yoga. I know you’re disappointed. My body doesn’t allow me to do such wonderful moves. But, I am impressed with everyone’s emails. Thanks so much and keep them coming!

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I’m Not Big – I’m Fun Size

Lot’s of people make comments that they think I’m big.  I’m not big.  I’m just fun size.  As you can see from this picture, I’m not that much bigger than my purr brother Hemi.  Mom refers to my size as that of a small dog.  I’m still manageable.  I only weigh 35 pounds.  That’s small compared to full size piggies – they can get way over 200 pounds!   As long as I can still jump and snuggle in mom’s arms, I’m never too big.  I still do this often.  I get all warm and cozy.  She pets my back and snuggles with me.  She tells me how much she loves me.  I’m 1 but I still like to have reassuarnce from my mommy.  How could you say no to this cute little face? 

So you see, compared in size, I’m still a cute little piglet. What do you think?




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Ready, Set, GO

20120920-104240.jpgYou’ve heard me talk about my blankie in the past.  I love my blankie!  Blankie used to be mom’s.  It got old and ragged – then it became perfect for me.  It’s Egyptian cotton so it’s a soft and comfy, feels almost like silk on my little hooves.  I drag blankie up and down the hallway, in my room, all over the front room and mom will wrap me up in it like a pigburrito sometimes when I get on the couch with her.  It’s my special blankie. 

Last night, I had it in the front room playing with it.  I took my little snout and pulled it from all directions so it was spread all over the front room floor.  I grunted and barked at it and It took me a while to do it but once it was done, it was perfect for what I had in mind.  Mom and dad silently watched from the couch laughing at me. 

Then once everything was in position, I went to my room.  Curious looks were upon the parents faces.  They could hear my little hooves walking around my room.  I could hear them questioning my next move.  I just giggled to myself.  Then I turned into a powerful Tasmanian Devil and spinned around like a tornado.  I go up enough thrust, ran out of my room, down the hall and flung my body on my sheet…. and slid all the way across it into the entertainment center.  Giggles – that Egyptian cotton is pretty slick.  It was a heck of a trip.  I got up, shook my head and body off a bit and padded on back down to my room for a do over. 

Again, I ran around my room building thrust.  I ran out of the door and down the hall and flung my body on the sheet again… and slid all the way across into one of my toy boxes.  This is fun.  I got up, shook my head and body off a bit and padded back down to my room for a third try. 

I ran around my room barking and grunting (I thought the sound effects would help this time with the thrust) 🙂  Ran out of my room, down the long hallway, tripped and fell on the blankie.  Darn, premature jump on the blankie.  Trotted back to my room. 

Barked, grunted, ran around my room, out the bedroom door, down the hall and jumped on my blankie.  Slid across the sheet, hit the television tray, knocked dad’s drink off which fell on top of me, took a bath, shook my head and body and that was enough excitement for the night.  Jumped on the couch with mom breathing heavy from the excitement and went to sleep. 

So what is the moral of this adventure.  When you’re bored, get a slick sheet.  What, you thought there would be something more?  I’m a pig – I live for fun.



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