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I’m a Big Boy Now

20120814-071633.jpgHiya my friends!  Hope all is going well with your lives.  I’m growing up every day bigger and stronger.  Next month someone is going to be 1 year old.  Cough, cough – not mentioning names here.  Can you believe the time that has flown by?  Just seems like yesterday that I came home with my adopted mommy.

Getting older, I’ve become more settled in my ways.  I like to snuggle with mom, watch television and of course eat.  I love to eat.  I still get in trouble from time to time.  I can’t help it.  It’s still in my system.  I’m not perfect all the time.  Who is?  But for the most part, I like to settle now. 

I’ve learned that settling down and not getting in trouble so much, I get to stay up later.  The past couple of nights mom has extended my bed time until when she goes to bed.  So, I get to stay up, snuggle on the couch with mom and watch television.  This of course is great.  Snuggle time equals belly rubs and piggy massages while mom watches television.  She calms me down and I calm her down.  It’s a win win situation. 

I know some people have asked what is it like having a piggy in the house?  It’s the same as having a dog in the house in a way.  I roam around.  I grunt to talk to you.  I snort.  I play with the cats up and down the hall.  I’m house trained 🙂  I snuggle and want loving.  I stretch out and waddle on the floor.  I ‘bark’.  I know that seems strange to most but it’s not really.  It’s kind of in between a snort and a rooster call.  I do it sometimes just to make mommy jump.  When I do that and she jumps, you can almost see the grin on my face from laughing.  I’m fun to have around.  Mom sometimes calls me her little garbage disposal.  I’m also her sous chef.  When she cooks in the kitchen, she usually lets me in to sit on the floor to watch.  She throws me tasty bits of morsels to keep me entertained.  So you see, I’m like a dog in a lot of ways.


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