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Cheesy Puffs

I tried another new food this weekend.  I called them cheesy puffs – cheesy air – crunchy delights – pig puffs – any way you put it, they are delicious!

Mom and dad were eating some.  You know me.  I’m the little beggar in the house.  I wanted to at least try one.  If I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t bother them.  Snort – even you had to laugh at that one huh?  Me, not like something.  HA!  I even had to laugh at that one.  Well, mom was feeding them to me out of her bowl.  I couldn’t get enough!  They were so crunchy.  They made me a little thirsty because they were dry but they were yummo!  After they were gone, I noticed that the cheese stuck some to my teeth.  I was slurping my teeth trying to get the cheese off.  It was a food that kept on giving.  I jumped on the couch with mom and looked at her with love in my eyes.  Gosh, that woman knows some good food!

Did you try any new foods this weekend?  Please share if you did.  You know me – I’m *ALL* about my food!

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Yummy Gold Fish

Mom likes to play this little game with me with my Gold F20120813-084603.jpgish.  She likes to ‘hide’ them in my play blanket for me to root around and find them.  I like the Gold Fish.  No, that’s wrong.  I LOVE the Gold Fish.  I don’t care what kind they are.  I don’t care what color they are.  They are simply delicious!  So you can see in this picture to the right where I found some.  She forgets how many she hides so I have to use my blood hound nose to track them down.  Don’t you love those little cheese morsels?  The crunch of them is such a delight. 

She even played with them a little bit this weekend and wrote this message.  Can you read it?  I thought it was funny.  I wanted all of them but she said no.  I could have a few at a time.  Something about I might get a tummy ache eating too many of them at one time. 

I’ll tell you a secret if you promise not to laugh.  Promise?  Sometimes when mom gives me my bath, she will throw a bunch of them in my water for me to eat.  I know she’s trying to keep me busy while she gives me a bath but I don’t care.  They are that good. 

Happy Monday my friends ((HOGS AND KISSES))


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