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Long Wonderful Weekend


This weekend was a long and wonderful weekend with mom and dad.  We camped out on the sofa and watched television all day Saturday into the late night.  I saw my first R rated movie.  We were watching SciFi channel which is new for me.  It had a bunch of shark and pirranah movies showing Saturday.  I have to admit that I find where mom gets her fascination with b-rated movies.  At times, they were more funny than scary.  I mean come on, who turns their back on a scary person?  When all is quiet, you know that shark is going to come out of the water…. especially when that Jaws music plays. 

It was really fun though.  We popped popcorn and watched movies.  I climbed up on the sofa and got all snuggly with mom.  Yes, I saw ‘we’ popped popcorn.  You know I have to be mom’s sous chef.  I am the official taster in the house of all foods.  I’m like Mikey on all of those cereal commercials.  Bacon likes everything.




And when I say I snuggled with mom.  You have to understand what I mean by ‘snuggle’.  I like for my belly to be really close to mom.  That way it stays warm.  I also have to have my snout on mom somewhere.  She keeps my snout warm.  If not, it gets cold, especially when I drink water.  This to the left is a perfect picture of me all weekend.  I was wrapped up behind mom’s back side.  That way too she can rub my belly.  See, there’s always a reason to why I do something. 🙂

Oh, did I tell you that I tried sweet and sour pickles?  They were really delicious.  The sour was just enough off set by the sweetness.  Probably up there on my favorites list.  Mom gave me these little green things with red stuff in them as well.  I think she called them olives.  I liked to pick the red stuff out and play with the green things.  They roll everywhere!  They were tasty too.  So you see, I’m still trying new foods.  I’m sure there’s a lot out there that I still haven’t tried yet.  But I asure you, I will one day!


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