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Okay – Here Goes Nothing

Okay – here goes nothing.  Mommy found Miss Piggy’s fanmail address – way to go mom!  I wrote my letter.  She is mailing it today on the way home from work.  Keep your hooves, paws and fingers crossed.  I so hope that I get response back.  This is what I wrote:


Dear Miss Piggy,

 My name is Bacon Porkchop Thompson.  I am a 10 month old miniature pot-bellied pig.  My adopted mom adopted me when I was a mere 3 weeks old.  I watch you on television all of the time.  I feel such a connection to you!  I think you are a Goddess.  You have the most beautiful blue eyes – just like my adopted mom. 

 I’m like any other teenager except I have four hooves and a snout.  I would love to decorate my room (yep, I have my own room) in pictures of you.  Grin – is there anyway you can autograph this letter to me and send it back to me?  Mom can frame it and put it beside my toddler bed.  It would mean so much to me. 

 Oh, and if you ever have any down time, I write my own blog.  I talk about you a lot – blush.  My web address is

 Hogs and Snout Kisses!

Bacon Porkchop Thompson



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A Busy Pig is a Happy Pig


Mom always tells me that a bored piggy is a mischievious pig and a busy piggy is a happy pig.  Guess that’s why I was deviled ‘ham’ yesterday and kept getting into trouble.  Shrugs piggy shoulders, sounds like a good excuse for me.

Last night, mom put most of my piggy toys in the front room with my special blankie for me to play with.  Do you see anything about my toys that looks familiar?  They all look like me!  Mom *always* buys me matching piggy toys.  That way the purr things know those are mine. I don’t mind sharing though.  (Notice, the angry pig – that’s dads favorite!)

I spread them all out in the front room and was pushing them around with my snout.  You know, just having a good old time!


This picture shows my huge tennis ball.  I love playing ball up and down the hall and throughout the front room.  Mom throws it down the hallway and I push it back to her using my snout and hooves.  Sometimes, Hemi, my purr brother, will play with me with that ball.  He’s got massive paws.  They call him a Hemingway cat.  You know, the ones that have the extra digits.  Trust me, those extra digits are powerful.  When he wants to play, he swats me on my fanny with those paws.  WOW – the pack a punch.  But, it’s all in good times.

That’s also my special blankie.  It’s really an old sheet that mom gave me but it feels like silk.  I love to lay and roll all over it.  I got on it a LOT last night – notice the drool?  Mom was rubbing my belly and giving me a piggy massage.  Those are the best! 

Mom says she has a treat ball but she can’t locate it right now.  She may have to find me another one.  She used to put treats in it and then I would play with it until the treats fell out and I could eat them.  She got it for me when I was baby but now I’m big enough for it to know exactly what to do with it.  Maybe she’ll buy me another one.  I really need one.

See that’s the key, I get a lot of attention and I get a lot of things to play with and I’m a happy camper.  Don’t give me anything and I will find something to destroy… I mean play with 🙂


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Hubba Hubba


She’s such a woman!! I have such a huge crush on Miss Piggy. Kermit has nothing on me. I’m much better suited for her. I think I’m off to write her a fan letter. Oh wow – what if she writes back??


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