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Deviled Ham


20120801-102906.jpgDoes this look like the face of trouble?  Of course not, right?  Mommy was calling me deviled ham yesterday.  I might have gotten into a little trouble.  But you have to admit good kids have bad days. 

I’ve learned a wonderful thing.  Usually, mom and dad let me sleep in my piggy crate at night.  You know, so I don’t get into any trouble.  Well, I’m a big boy.  I don’t need a piggy crate.  Well, I’ve kind of learned how to escape it.  See, I’m smart like that.  Pigs are very intellectual.  We see how things work and we practice on it until we get it right.  Mom and dad learned that yesterday.

Dad put me down for my nap while mom was at work.  Oh I went to sleep for a while.  But then I got up and escaped.  Smile – grin.  My bedroom door was closed so I entertained myself.  I moved my piggy crate.  I knocked over the trash can and shredded everything in it.  I played with all of my toys.  I moved my blankies around.  Dad heard me and came into the room.  He fussed at me a little bit and made me help him clean up my room.  All was good.

Then later, mom put me down for my evening nap while they ate dinner.  I just wanted to show her what I could do.  So, I escaped again.  She left my door shut as well.  I moved my crate.  I pulled out my blankies and pillows.  I dumped the trash can and shredded everything much better this time all over the room.  I might have even pulled on the curtain a bit near my south window… just a little.  When mom came to let me out she was shocked and surprised.  Her little boy is growing up.  Okay, she did fuss a bit more than dad.  She called me deviled ham instead of sweet Bacon.  She actually made me help her sweep everything back up and put everything back in its place. 

She wasn’t mad too long though.  We went into the front room afterwards and she fed me an orange and rubbed my belly for a long time.  She’s forgiving like that.  We did have a long prayer meeting about what I can and can’t do.  When mom and dad tucked me in for the night in my crate, I stayed all night…. this time.  🙂



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