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Piggy Mohawk


Mom told me this morning that I had bed head and it looked like I had a little piggy Mohawk going on.  I don’t see it – do you?

Can you tell from this picture how long my hair has gotten though?  Mom has never cut it.  She brushes it out for me which feels awesome!  I’m told that it is long in pig standards.  Mom’s hair is long so I just favor my mommy. 

My hair doesn’t seem as coarse and brittle as it used to since it has grown out.  It’s kind of soft, especially after my baths when mom washes my hair.  That is so relaxing! 


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Bobbing for Apples


Usually I get some kind of fruit for my bedtime snack.  It may be an apple, a banana, a pear, or an orange.  Something to tide me over until breakfast.  Cause, you know every since mom adopted me, I sleep through the entire night when I’m in my crate all settled down for the night.  I’m good like that 🙂

Well, last night mom gave me a 1/2 of an apple.  It was a large apple – I was in hog heaven.  I dropped it in my water.  Mom thought that was the funniest thing in the world so she took my picture.  She mentioned something like bobbing for apples.  I didn’t get it but she laughed hysterically so that was fine with me – it made my mommy happy. 

You can see the apple and little chunks in my water.  Don’t worry, none of it went to waste.  I dug out every little tiny morsel and now it’s in my belly! 

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Freedom at Night – Not So Much

The other night, mom and dad were going to let me stay out in my room and not crate me over night.  Well, it didn’t work out so much.  Can you believe that we all learned that I can’t take freedom very well?  I was shocked and surprised too! 

They put me down for the night as usual.  They both walked me to my bedroom and mom tucked me in my crate.  Mom and dad told me a story and then the lights were turned off.  They didn’t shut my crate door but they shut my bedroom door.  I stayed in the crate for a few minutes because you know I was all tucked in and sleepy from my story.  Then, I stuck my snout out the front of the crate.  I didn’t feel the door.  Then I stuck my front paw out the front of the crate.  I still didn’t feel the door.  Then I slowly stepped out of the crate.  Miracles of all miracles – I had the entire room to myself. 

I walked around my room, played with my toys, rolled around in my blankets, got in my bed and just couldn’t sleep.  I had all of this freedom and it was still early in the night.  Mom could hear my hooves tapping on the tiled floor.  She came to the door and told me that it was bed time and I needed to be a big boy and go to sleep.  I quieted down… at least for a while 🙂 

A little bit later, I started playing ball in my room.  I have this tennis ball that is like three times the normal size of a tennis ball.  I was pushing it around with my snout and chasing it.  I thought it was fun.  I wanted to watch some television but I couldn’t find my remote control.  Mom told me to settle down again. 

I stretched out on one of my furry blankets on the floor and rolled on my side looking out one of my windows.  This huge white round thing was in the sky.  So, that’s what makes the light in my room at night.  WOW – pretty light.  Mom told me a story one night about the moon being cheese.  It didn’t look like cheese this night.  I got up and started playing with my platypus pig.  You can stretch it.  I started throwing it up in the air and letting it hit the floor.  I liked how it sounded ‘thud’ ‘thud’ on the tiled floor.  I started grunting and talking to myself.  I might have snorted a couple of times playing around and laughing.  

I heard mom and dad talking and the next thing I knew my bedroom door opened.  I took off between their legs to the kitchen like lightening.  Hey, it doesn’t matter if its 2AM, my tummy knows no boundaries when it comes to food.    Mom chases me down the hall.  I thought she wanted to play in the middle of the night too.  I just wagged my tail and dodged.  She finally started laughing. 

After a light treat, mom told me it was time to go to bed and go to sleep, no more playing.  I trotted on down the hall like a good ole boy and jumped in my crate.  I begged for another story so mom sat on the floor near my crate and petted me talking to me softly.  I finally drifted off asleep.  I don’t remember her shutting my crate door but she did.  So tonight was not the night of Freedom Pig so much but mom said we will try again.  I mean I’m still a kid at heart, a baby in mom’s eyes.




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Dear Bacon


Dear Bacon,
One of my characters is Harry Potter. I’ve read all of his books and seen all of the movies multiple times. Do you think it’s weird of me to dress like this? Signed Harry Trotter

Dear Harry Trotter,
We can have our idols too. I favor Spiderman AKA Spiderpig. It doesn’t hurt anyone so why not? You trot my man – you trot!







Dear Bacon,
The other kitties in the house make fun of me because I pray every night. They say animals can’t do this. I say they can. What do you think? Signed Praying Puss

Dear Praying Puss,
If He moves in your heart to pray, go for it. Don’t let others judge or try to change you. Pray on my friend.





Dear Bacon,
I need help. I just can’t smile. This is my happy face. I’m a rough and tumble kind of pooch.  I take no crap.  I protect the house.  I protect the master.  I can’t afford to smile.  A dog has to do what a dog has to do.  Any suggestions?  Signed Canine Exposed.

Dear Canine Exposed,

I understand wanting to protect the house, master and what is rightfully yours.  I’m going to assume that you are single.  You need to relax the lips and teeth sometimes and let someone close.  You can smile and still be a strong dog in charge.  Just know when to show the teeth and when not to.  Good luck!




Hey Pig,

Two people can play this game.  I borrowed your computer earlier and surfed the net.  You’re not the only one with skills.  Just wait until you find out where I’ve been using your log in.  HEE HEE – Signed Hemi the Master

Dear Hemi the You Think You Are The Master,

Stay out of my room.  I’m going to tell mom on you.  Keep your claws off what is not yours.  Just remember – all is fair in love and war.  I have the proof in the picture that you were using my toys again.  Be afraid. 




Dear Bacon,

We think you’re handsome!  We all take turns driving a pink Corvette.  You would look awesome in it.  If you are ever in Dallas, come see us.  Signed Charlies Bunnies

Dear Charlies Bunnies,

Thanks for the invite girls.  You rock!

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The Unthinkable Is Happening


The unthinkable is going to happen tonight. This will be the test of all tests to see if I’m growing up. Mom is going to let me stay out in my room all by myself without being put up in my crate. I know I can do this. I’m really good about sleeping all night.

Wish me luck. I know all my other pig friends will be jealous. I’ll keep you posted tomorrow of what happens.


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Sunday Brunch

Daddy is the best.  Yesterday morning, he was craving what he kept referring to as pancakes.  I didn’t know what pancakes were.  Mom was feeling the best this weekend but she ventured into the kitchen to make magic.  You know I followed.  I wanted to see what this pancake thing was.  She was humming and beating things together in a pan.  I’m not sure if the humming was on the recipe but it amused me.  Once she got together what she called ‘batter’, she started putting it in a pan.  Oh thud – the smell that was in the kitchen was out of this world.  I kept bugging her for some to taste.  I would go up behind her and nudge the bottom of her foot with my snout.  She kept laughing and said I had to wait.  Wait?  You’re telling a pig to wait?  That’s like telling Mother Nature not to change the seasons – it’s going to happen. 
I saw dad’s plate that she was fixing.  Oh my – there was these clouds of wonder stacking to the sky.  I kept sniffing the air.  I wanted some so bad.  Mom fixed her plate and then she fixed mine.  See how creative she got with a little smiley face for me on my Sesame Street plate.  I thought I was going to explode if she didn’t give it to me soon!
She finally put it on my feed blanket.  Stars almighty!  I went for the so called ‘pancake’ first.  It was fluffy.  It was buttery.  It was light.  And, it was delicious!  I managed to get a couple of more from mom and dad before they started eating.  It was something I definitely want to try again in the near future.  Even dad loved it.  He called mom a Domestic Kitchen Goddess.  He suggested that we have pancakes for Sunday brunch every week.  I seconded that idea! 

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Saturday Treat


Saturday is usually a good day for me.  Saturday is the day that if mom is going to go to the market, it happens this day.  She went this weekend.  She *always* brings me back something good to eat.  This week was no different. 

Her and dad bring all of these grocery bags into the kitchen.  I get to watch as they put everything up.  After everything is put away, mom usually takes my things and cuts everything up.  This is where me, the sous chef, comes in to play 🙂  She will give me tasty little morsels to try.  And trust me, they are so good! 

After she cuts everything up (usually carrots, celery, watermelon or some other fruit and my salad mix), she will fix me a bowl as a snack.  Today’s menu consisted of grapes, Goldfish and watermelon rind.  I’ve tried watermelon before but someone told mom that pigs like the rind as well.  Whoever you are you sweet dear person for telling mom this, I love you.  It is delicious!  Good thing mom’s dad doesn’t have a garden anymore.  I would be in hog heaven!


Mom and dad let me eat on my food carpet in the front room. So in this picture don’t fear the “dirty carpet”, it’s my feed placemat.  They pick it up and wash it every week.  As you can see, I am chomping down on that watermelon rind.  Mom took this picture of me in mid chomp.  I usually will eat what I like the most first.  Of course, it was the rind.  I couldn’t get enough of it.  You bite into it and the watermelon juice actually squirts inside of your mouth.  That’s my favorite part. 

I guess you can say I’m a little spoiled.  Not a lot – just a little.  What do you think?

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Fall Will Be Here Soon


I don’t go outside by choice but I can tell that the weather is preparing to change. Just like my internal clock tells me when it’s time to eat, I know it’s time for the season to change.

This past weekend I did something that I haven’t done since last year at this time. It kind of shocked me as well as my parents. You ask what did I do? I snuggled with dad. Mom is always my snuggle mate but when the weather changes I’ll take whoever is available. He was there. He was it.

See when the weather changes and the cool air starts moving in, I start my little ‘hibernation’ mode.  Yeah, I’m like a little bear until spring gets here again.  I eat.  I sleep.  I do my business.  I snuggle.  Repeat.  I don’t do much running around during this period.  I well, for a better explanation, fatten up a bit.  I become a big ole snuggle pig.  When I smell the spring flowers start to bloom, I come alive again and start running around the house. 

I like to call myself my parents calendar.  They can tell what’s fixing to happen with the way I act.  I still can’t read the humans but I’m trying 🙂


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Trying To Get Mom Back


Mom is still feeling a little under the weather this weekend. Both of us pretty much camped out on the couch. I followed her around the house do she would know I was there for her.

She started feeling a little bit better today. She even cooked some special things for me. I’ll have to post those pictures later. It was new food and it was good!

Have a great rest of the weekend. Hogs and kisses.

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I’ve Been Extra Good


Mommy has been still feeling under the weather lately. I’ve been sure to be extra good to make her feel better. I’ve been meeting her at the front door when she gets home from the worky place. She puts her things up and then gives me some snuggle time. I follow her around and wait patiently while she fixes my dinner. While I eat, she changes her clothes.

Afterwards, I meet her back in the kitchen to be her sous chef while she fixes dinner. I love being her sous chef. I get to try all kinds of different things. Last night she gave me what she called an olive. I thought it was good. Mom have the purr things one as well. She should have video taped them. They were hysterical. They were licking it and rolling all over the floor like they were drunk. It was something to watch. It made mommy laugh and that was good.

I went to my room for my “me” time while mom and dad ate their dinner. When they were finished, mom came and got me. I supervised as she did the dishes.

Afterwards, we snuggled in the couch to watch some television. I stayed up with mom and dad until 10:00PM! I am so becoming a big boy now. Mom said she couldn’t believe how fast I’m growing up. It’s so hard to believe I’ll be 1 year old next month.

Well it’s back to bed for me for my morning nap – yawn. Everyone have a fantastic day!! Hogs and kisses

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