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The Great Outdoors – NOT


There are pigs that stay outside all of the time. They stay out in the elements with the heat in the summer and the coolness in the fall. They let nature touch them like dirt, grass, bugs and did I mention the heat? And what about the pollen. Can you say eeww.

Mommy forgets that I’m a PSP (Pampered Spoiled Pig). I don’t do nature. I’m used to the great indoors. I’m used to my own room. I’m used to my toddler bed. I’m used to my television. I’m used to air conditioning. Did I mention that I’m a PSP?

Well mommy got the great idea that she would show me the great outdoors. She thought I would enjoying running loose around our gated backyard. So she calls me to the back door and opens it. She walks outside and calls me. I looked at her, turned around and went back into the front room watching television.

She calls me again. I walked to the back door again and looked at her. I’m trying to send her a telepathic message of, “Moms its hot there. Why?”. I turned around again and went back into the front room.

That mom of mine. She is persistent. Almost as pigheaded as me. She thought she would bribe me with food to come outside. Food always works, right? She called me for a third time. She’s standing outside waving a piece of bread to get my privileged little hooves out in nature. I looked at her. Nah, it wasn’t worth it. I turned around and went back into the from room.

I can’t be the only one like this. I’m sorry. I just don’t do nature. Especially in this 100-102 degree weather. Y’all keep cool.


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I Want a Sport

When I watch television on the weekends, there’s all kinds of sports going on.  Last fall, I watched football with dad.  It was fun!  I want to play so bad – eyes raised – I just don’t want to be the football if you know what I mean 🙂 .  But, I’ve looked around.  There are actually some sports out there that my fellow pig friends have played. 


I can always be a soccerpig – watch out Beckham.  I could rock the world in this game.  My snout is a powerful thing.  Look at these comrades – matching outfits and everything!  These little snouts are powerful – don’t let them fool you!



Track and Pig – man I can run!  With enough thrust – I think I can fly.  You should see me running through the house.  And look, I can even wear a superhero cape.  That would be pigawesome!



And WOW – I would love to play football… just as long as I wasn’t the football…if you know what I mean 🙂 wink.  I watch this game with dad all of the time.  I love the way they run all over the field chasing the little ball and then doing the happy dance when they score.  I think I could thrive with this game!  Man, I could be making millions.  Signing autographs would be a little rough but I think I could just hoove paper for my signature. 


What do ya’ll think??


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I’m an Official Southern Pig – Snort

In some parts of the south, they tell you that your not officially a southern until you’ve had the basics.  The basics could be many things but some of them are collard greens, grits, sweet tea, fried chicken, sweet potato pie, macaroni and cheese and boiled peanuts.  I’ve had several of these things.  It makes sense.  My mom was born and raised in the south.  You know just between you and me they call people like my momma GRITS – Girls Raised in the South.  Snort

Well, mom let me try one of these things that I haven’t had…boiled peanuts.  Oh goodness – they are simply delicious.  And no, I didn’t have them in a RC Cola and no I didn’t have them on ice cream which is common here.  I had them straight up out of the shell.  mmm.  Boiling them just brings out a different flavor.  First of all, they’re soft so there is no crunch.  You boiled them in seasoned water right over an open flame.  Mom knows a guy that knows a guy that fixes them – LOL.  You break open a shell and juice goes everywhere.  Then you see the tasty little morsel.  You pop it in your mouth and it’s still hot from the flame – SHUT THE FRONT DOOR – the taste explodes in your  mouth.  It’s a little salty, sometimes it can be a little spicy according to the seasoning, and they are God’s tasty little morsels. 

If you haven’t tried any yet, what are you waiting for?  Try them now and let me know what you think.  Dad never ate any until mom introduced him.  Now he can’t stay out of them.  They are that good!


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Happy Independence Day

Happy 4th of July!!

Amazing! Two important days back to back. First it was moms birthday which she said was wonderful. And now today is 4th of July or how others would say Independence Day.

Today was the day that the Declaration of Independence was signed. That’s something to be thankful for!

As you celebrate this great holiday, please be safe. Mom said there will be fireworks. She said I could stay up and watch. I think it’ll be fun. She said they may be loud. I will definitely report back.

Happy holiday!!


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Snort Snort – HA HA

I was on the computer last night just buzzing around because I couldn’t sleep.  I had company before I went to bed and I was busy showing off for them.  It always gets me in trouble, I know.  So I pulled the laptop into bed and started surfing.  I think I’m almost at the end of the internet 🙂 

I came across this cartoon that everyone was laughing about.  I don’t get it.  Can someone please explain it to me?  Even mom and dad laughed at it but they didn’t say what made it so funny. 



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Happy Birthday Mommy

Today is mommy’s birthday. I love you mommy. Thank you so much for adopting me. I can’t imagine my life without you. I’m one very lucky piglet!


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A Very Serious Question

Let’s start the week with a very serious question.  I’ve thought about both of these and I can’t decide.  Dad leans both ways as well.  Each one has their tributes.  I’m conflicted.  Can I be both?  Do I have to pick just one.  So I guess the decision will be yours?  I’m serious – which one do you think I can pull off?


BAT PIG?                                                                            SPIDER PIG


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