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The Best Tattoo

I found this piggy cartoon last night while I was surfing the net and watching my television. What can I say? I’m always interested in my kind cartoons.

Mom explained to me about ‘piggy banks’. Did or do you still have one shaped like a piggy? I find this really fascinating. A piggy shaped money holder. So, my logical thinking tells me I wouldn’t be off base if I wanted a human shapes money holder, right?

Mom told me what was funny about this cartoon. That makes it all the more funny. Of course seeing this brought up tattoos. WOW. People brand themselves on their own – amazing. Mommy said she has one and she would show me when I got older. Must be a good one.



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Popcorn – mmm

20120717-063958.jpgDon’t you just love popcorn popped right on the stove? You can smell the butter. You can hear the sizzle of the kernels. Then you hear the blast of all that corn dancing all at once overflowing the pan. You take the cover off after the popping dies down and all of that wonderful steam comes blowing out. And then you smell that wonderful aroma. AAWW – mmm.

I am so hooked on popcorn. Mom gave me some a couple of weeks ago and I just can’t get enough.

Last night, mom and dad were watching television. I got the munchies. I’m a pig. It’s what a do. Well, I walked up to mom and started ‘talking’ to her. You know, grunt and snort here and there. Mom talks back to me and kept asking me what I wanted. She was laughing calling me Lassie. Something about Timmy falling in the well – I didn’t get it. But, I did get mom’s attention.

She finally started talking my language when she asked me if I wanted some popcorn. Oh YES! Piggy mission accomplished. So mommy tells me to come into the kitchen so I can be her sous chef. I oversee the operations in there. She may cook but I’m the official taste tester 🙂 grin snort.

Mom gets the popcorn pan out and I watch her with the butter and the wonderful delicacy that I refer to popcorn…mmm. She poured in the popcorn and all the time my little tail just can’t stop. It’s wagging so fast that I may take flight. I hear the sizzle start and goodness the drooling starts. I just can’t help it. All the time it’s cooking, of course mom is talking to me telling me just a couple of more minutes.

Then I hear the popcorn explode in the pan. I almost faint. I lean up on the counter and sniff the air… oh glorious buttery air. Mom takes it off the burner and I almost can’t help myself. She tells me that it has to cool just a bit. She gets three bowls out – yes three bowls. I have to have one all to my stingy little self. She pours the sizzling hot popcorn into the bowls and salts and butters hers and dad a little bit more. I don’t need anything additional to mask that wonderful taste.

She asks me if I’m ready. Ready? Looks at me salivating. Am I ready? What a silly question woman – give me my popcorn…. please. She tells me to go to my eating mat in the frontroom. I run to the mat and I’m standing there waiting for her as she walks through the magical gate of the kitchen with that magnificent plate of goodness. mmm – don’t you love popcorn?

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Spaghetti for Dinner Anyone?

Saturday night mom was in the kitchen cooking something that smelled absolutely wonderful.  It was driving me crazy.  I kept going into the kitchen and trying to find out what it was but she wouldn’t tell me.  She fed me my usual dinner and then I had me time in my room while mom and dad cooked. 

After their dinner, dad let me back out and I could still smell that amazing aroma.  I went into the front room and what did I see on my feed station?  This wonderful concoction of noodles, meat and tomatoes.  I thought I was in pig heaven!  Mom called it spaghetti.  I called it awesome deliciousness.  I couldn’t help but to smack it down. 

Now, this is definitely not something I get on a regular basis but just this time.  Enjoy the video – you know mom.  She video tapes everything!

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Funny Pictures

I was surfing the net last night – I couldn’t sleep after mom and dad went to bed.  I found these two cute pictures and thought I would share.  I just loved them.  I laughed.  I snorted.  I laughed some more.  I was hoping that I wouldn’t wake up mom and dad.  But then again, it’s hard to wake them up when sister, Mouse Girl, is singing in the hallways at top sound.  Geez girl, get some sleep.  Talk about a person that can’t sleep at night.  So, anyway – enjoy.  Let me know what you think about them.  Have a pigawesome day!



Is there something wrong with this picture?  Where’s PigWaldo?  HA!



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Me and the Purr Things – Is it Friendship?

20120716-003207.jpgA lot of people often ask mom and dad if I get along with my purr things, Hemi and Mouse Girl.  Of course I do.  Snort

Now, Mouse Girl, she’s the only girl in the house besides mom.  She is a little princess in daddy’s eyes.  I mean come on, what little girl isn’t you know.  She does no wrong.  But let me tell you something about Princess Poo Poo, she has an evil streak.  Dad may not see it but I have.  We pick on her but believe me, she gets even and 9 times out of 10, she gets away with it because no one thinks she would do anything like that.  But I know.  I have her ticket.  Uh huh – I sure do. 

Now, Hemi, he’s in the picture with me above.  We are playmates.  Hemi likes to play what he calls tag.  He will slap me in the hiney with  his huge hemingway paw and trust me, that extra digit matters.  It hurts on my fanny.  One time, he slapped me across the face.  He hit so hard, I shook my head.  That’s a powerful slap friend.  After he slaps me, he then runs away and I chase him.  This goes back and forth for hours.  We run all through the house, down the halls, in my bedroom, across my bed, everywhere!  We’re just playing.  You’ll find us sometimes curled up sleeping together.  Us men have to stand together. 

So, yeah, we get along just fine for the most part.  We’re running buds.  Me and Hemi, we’re just thinking of ways to take over the household for good.  We’ll keep you posted on how that works out for us.  🙂


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20120716-002733.jpgPersonally, I think mom was born with a camera attached to her hands.  Every time I turn around, there she is like a person on vacation snapping pictures.  Most kids have a baby book, I have volumes…and video tapes.  Sigh – what’s a pig to do around here for a little privacy?  Sometimes I have to sneak off to my room just for a little ‘me’ time.  I know it’s all in good fun but I do draw the line when I’m in the shower.  I mean mom, I don’t take pictures of you in there now do I? 






So, here’s another picture that mom took of me while I was playing around on the floor.  Dad’s tray just mystifies me.  I like to poke around it.  On occasion, I’ve been known to toss it.  It’s what I do – I’m a pig looking for adventure.  🙂



So you see, I’m never alone.  I look to the future and I don’t want to say it too loudly but I know mom.  I would not be surprised if she puts a camera in my room soon so everyone can see me live watching my television and playing around.  Sshhh – there will go all of my privacy so keep it quiet from her okay. 

Hogs and Kisses!


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Common Questions

When I’m in my chat rooms – what?  You don’t think I have a social life?  I get asked a lot of questions about my little life.  I thought I would answer some here because I know some of you probably have thought them as well but are just too nice to ask – 🙂

What do I eat?  Some of my long time followers will know that I’m just not that picky, I’m a pig.  There is only one food that I’m not too fond of and that’s because it is sweet and sour at the same time and the sour part made my ears stand back.  I eat everything from Cheerios in the morning, celery, carrots, salad for dinner, apple before bedtime.  And, I like grapes and other snack foods. 

What do I do all day?  Believe it or not, I work best on a schedule.  I have breakfast with mommy in the morning.  Afterwards, we watch the news and have a little snuggle time before she goes to work. She puts me back down for my first nap of the day when she leaves.  I wake up around lunch time for of course – my lunch.  I eat with daddy and then I play around the house for a little bit.  I have certain play toys that I like to play with – their called Mouse and Hemi, the purr things.  LOL  I do have toys too… for some reason they all look like pigs?  I’m not sure why.  I take a nap in the afternoon.  I wake up again usually right before mommy gets home.  She feeds me dinner and I play while she fixes her and daddy dinner.  I have ‘me’ time while they eat.  I go to my room and play or watch television in there until they finished.  When they get done, I come out and run around the house barking and snorting until bed time.  At bed time, mommy and daddy tuck me in to my bed and I’m down for the entire night.  Then there’s the times during the day and night when mom leaves her laptop unattended.  I sneak it in my room and play on the internet all day. 

What’s your favorite shows to watch?  Mom and dad put a television in my room because I love to watch my shows.  I love the Animal Planet.  I love the Cartoon Network.  I have my favorite videos like Charlotte’s Web and Green Acres.  And of course, I love anything with my future wife, Miss Piggy, in it.  Hubba hubba

What’s my biggest weakness?  FOOD – I’m a pig.  My belly always turns on me when there is food involved.  Also, anyone that rubs my belly, I’m yours.  I can lay there for hours and get a piggy massage.  The life!

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This Little Piggy


Tonight mommy played a little game with me when she put me to bed. Don’t tell anyone but this little piggy will never be too old for mommy loving. Before mom tucks me in, she rubs my belly and scratches me all over. Tonight she was playing with my hooves and singing what she called a nursery rhyme. I thought it was cool. Sing with me now:

This little piggy went to market,
This little piggy stayed at home,
This little piggy had roast beef,
This little piggy had none.
And this little piggy went…
“Wee wee wee” all the way home…

So, the next time you see ‘naked toes’, you know what to do. Think of me when you do it. LOL


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Dear Bacon – Issue 5

Dear Pig,
Some people look at me and just assume that I’m bad. I’m not bad. Deep inside I have the heart of a cute innocent puppy. My master just dresses me like him. Don’t tell anyone. He is as sweet as I am. What can I do to get people to look past the cover of the book and to read the pages within?
Signed Bowser

Dear Bowser,
I love the look. You look like trouble with an attitude. Let me tell you a secret. Poodles love that bad boy image. Meet a nice girl and be her bad boy. And by the way, between the ear ring and the cigar, too much. Drop the smoke. Live long and prosper.


Dear Bacon,
Help! I’m really self conscious about my ears. I know it’s part of me but I can’t get a date. I trip over my ears they are so long. I can actually use them as a blanket. People are just mean talking about my ears. They tell me to flap them and I could fly. That’s just silly. Dogs can’t fly. What am I to do. Signed Floppy

Dear Floppy,
You need to get your master to show you this fabulous Walt Disney movie called Dumbo This is a great story about an elephant that has your problem and yes he can fly. Don’t look at your gorgeous ears as a curse but more as a blessing. It’s what makes you stand out. When you accept them and feel good about yourself, you’ll be accepted because it won’t matter to you what other people think.


Dear Bacon,
I’m usually a good pup but the other night I went out with the wrong crowd. They dared me to whiz on a cop. I got busted. Before I knew it, he had me against the wall and was frisking me. I gotta do community service. Will this be held against me the rest of my life? Signed One Time Wrong

Dear One Time Wrong,
If this is your first time, perhaps when you get done with doggy community service, you can fall under the doggie first offender clause. Don’t let it happen again dude. You don’t want to go to jail. When you run with the bad dogs, you get fleas or worse. Turn your life around. If MC Hammer can do it, you can too.

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My Sister Mouse

You’ve heard me speak of my sister, Mouse Girl. We call her Mouse for short. She’s a spoiled little princess. Don’t take that the wrong way. She’s our spoiled little princess. I guess I do give her heck from time to time. But tell me what brother doesn’t do that to their sister, right?

Every morning when I snuggle with mom, she stretches out on the back of the sofa for attention as well. I thought I would share this picture I took of her this morning.


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