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I’m Not That Big


Mom took this picture of me from an angle. It makes me look big but I’m not. I only weigh 35 pounds and that’s small. I’m fully grown. Most regular pigs weigh 800 POUNDS and up. So based on that, I’m SMALL.

I’m like the size of a small puppy. I’ve got a very sweet personality. I’m used to being around people. I’m used to being touched. Mommy got me when I was 3 weeks old. I have a very special bond with her. I follow her around the house like a puppy. I mind her. I go to bed when she tells me. Heck, I even jump on the couch with her and watch television.

Yes, I can be pig headed. Can’t we all? I can be stubborn. But you know what? A small treat and I’m yours.

I don’t bite. I may rub your ankle with my snout. I’m not biting. I just want your attention. It doesn’t hurt.

I don’t go outside. That’s my personal choice. Lord knows my mom has tried. I’m house trained. I rather stay in the comforts of my room. And anyway, did you know that pigs can’t sweat and can’t control their body temperature? Moms careful with me on that and watches out for me.

Why am I telling you all of this? There are so many misconceptions about us pigs. People think we’re mean, that we don’t make good pets. I’m a miniature pot bellied pig. I’m a great pet. I’m smart and catch on fast. I’m trainable. I know tricks. I get along with other pets, in fact I have two pure things in the house with me. We play all of the time. I’m only as good as you make me. If you’re an animal lover, you will love me forever.

My name is Bacon and I approve this message.

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