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Down Memory Lane…

I’ve gotten some new fans lately that haven’t seen the cute little ole me from way back when 10 months ago.  Isn’t it funny how time flies by so quickly?  This is a picture of me when I was around 5 weeks old.  So small but yet so powerful in the cute department.  I was a little tyke.  I came to live with my adopted mom when I was only a mere 3 weeks old.  I was a runt having to be bottle fed and since mom had history in that department, they let me adopt her.  It was the best decision in our lives.  I didn’t find just a home.  I found an overwhelming pot full of love at the end of my rainbow.  Who says dreams can’t come true?



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Aww Loveable Mom – There’s Enough To Go Around


This is what it’s like in the morning times at my house. We all want a piece of mom before she goes to the worky place.  After breakfast, we all usually climb up around or on her for some special loving mommy time.  This morning, Hemi got top place in her arms and on the sofa arm.  He stretches out with his long arms and kind of ‘hugs’ mom.  He is really affectionate.  He is the oldest and he usually gets that spot on mom. 


I usually crawl up on the couch near mom’s feet.  I know that’s weird to most but there is reasoning behind it.  I usually use her feet as pillows for my head while I sleep.  Did I mention that I also drool?  This means I usually get her feet wet too.  She doesn’t complain though.  She lets me do it. We seem to all hit the couch at one time and surround her with our love.  She takes turns petting all of us.  We have to get our loving in early because we know she is going to be going to the worky place all day.


Usually Mouse will get on the back of the sofa in the window behind mom.  This morning she didn’t do that though.  She decided she wanted to sleep in with dad.  It’s okay – that just meant that me and bro got more loving.  Mouse can be kind of fickle at times anyway.  Sometimes she wants loving and sometimes she doesn’t.  It just depends on her mood.  She’s a big purr thing so we just let her do what she wants.  She’s a gentle as a fly but you never know when that one time might come up that she loses it. 

So there you go.  This is what our morning is like in the Hotel Thompson.  Have a fabulously Friday and a great long weekend!










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