Popcorn – mmm

17 Jul

20120717-063958.jpgDon’t you just love popcorn popped right on the stove? You can smell the butter. You can hear the sizzle of the kernels. Then you hear the blast of all that corn dancing all at once overflowing the pan. You take the cover off after the popping dies down and all of that wonderful steam comes blowing out. And then you smell that wonderful aroma. AAWW – mmm.

I am so hooked on popcorn. Mom gave me some a couple of weeks ago and I just can’t get enough.

Last night, mom and dad were watching television. I got the munchies. I’m a pig. It’s what a do. Well, I walked up to mom and started ‘talking’ to her. You know, grunt and snort here and there. Mom talks back to me and kept asking me what I wanted. She was laughing calling me Lassie. Something about Timmy falling in the well – I didn’t get it. But, I did get mom’s attention.

She finally started talking my language when she asked me if I wanted some popcorn. Oh YES! Piggy mission accomplished. So mommy tells me to come into the kitchen so I can be her sous chef. I oversee the operations in there. She may cook but I’m the official taste tester 🙂 grin snort.

Mom gets the popcorn pan out and I watch her with the butter and the wonderful delicacy that I refer to popcorn…mmm. She poured in the popcorn and all the time my little tail just can’t stop. It’s wagging so fast that I may take flight. I hear the sizzle start and goodness the drooling starts. I just can’t help it. All the time it’s cooking, of course mom is talking to me telling me just a couple of more minutes.

Then I hear the popcorn explode in the pan. I almost faint. I lean up on the counter and sniff the air… oh glorious buttery air. Mom takes it off the burner and I almost can’t help myself. She tells me that it has to cool just a bit. She gets three bowls out – yes three bowls. I have to have one all to my stingy little self. She pours the sizzling hot popcorn into the bowls and salts and butters hers and dad a little bit more. I don’t need anything additional to mask that wonderful taste.

She asks me if I’m ready. Ready? Looks at me salivating. Am I ready? What a silly question woman – give me my popcorn…. please. She tells me to go to my eating mat in the frontroom. I run to the mat and I’m standing there waiting for her as she walks through the magical gate of the kitchen with that magnificent plate of goodness. mmm – don’t you love popcorn?

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One response to “Popcorn – mmm

  1. Chancy and Mumsy

    07/17/2012 at 9:10 pm

    Popcorn is good stuff sweet Bacon. Now I want some popcorn. lol Hugs and nose kisses


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