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Common Questions

When I’m in my chat rooms – what?  You don’t think I have a social life?  I get asked a lot of questions about my little life.  I thought I would answer some here because I know some of you probably have thought them as well but are just too nice to ask – 🙂

What do I eat?  Some of my long time followers will know that I’m just not that picky, I’m a pig.  There is only one food that I’m not too fond of and that’s because it is sweet and sour at the same time and the sour part made my ears stand back.  I eat everything from Cheerios in the morning, celery, carrots, salad for dinner, apple before bedtime.  And, I like grapes and other snack foods. 

What do I do all day?  Believe it or not, I work best on a schedule.  I have breakfast with mommy in the morning.  Afterwards, we watch the news and have a little snuggle time before she goes to work. She puts me back down for my first nap of the day when she leaves.  I wake up around lunch time for of course – my lunch.  I eat with daddy and then I play around the house for a little bit.  I have certain play toys that I like to play with – their called Mouse and Hemi, the purr things.  LOL  I do have toys too… for some reason they all look like pigs?  I’m not sure why.  I take a nap in the afternoon.  I wake up again usually right before mommy gets home.  She feeds me dinner and I play while she fixes her and daddy dinner.  I have ‘me’ time while they eat.  I go to my room and play or watch television in there until they finished.  When they get done, I come out and run around the house barking and snorting until bed time.  At bed time, mommy and daddy tuck me in to my bed and I’m down for the entire night.  Then there’s the times during the day and night when mom leaves her laptop unattended.  I sneak it in my room and play on the internet all day. 

What’s your favorite shows to watch?  Mom and dad put a television in my room because I love to watch my shows.  I love the Animal Planet.  I love the Cartoon Network.  I have my favorite videos like Charlotte’s Web and Green Acres.  And of course, I love anything with my future wife, Miss Piggy, in it.  Hubba hubba

What’s my biggest weakness?  FOOD – I’m a pig.  My belly always turns on me when there is food involved.  Also, anyone that rubs my belly, I’m yours.  I can lay there for hours and get a piggy massage.  The life!

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