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I’m Not That Big


Mom took this picture of me from an angle. It makes me look big but I’m not. I only weigh 35 pounds and that’s small. I’m fully grown. Most regular pigs weigh 800 POUNDS and up. So based on that, I’m SMALL.

I’m like the size of a small puppy. I’ve got a very sweet personality. I’m used to being around people. I’m used to being touched. Mommy got me when I was 3 weeks old. I have a very special bond with her. I follow her around the house like a puppy. I mind her. I go to bed when she tells me. Heck, I even jump on the couch with her and watch television.

Yes, I can be pig headed. Can’t we all? I can be stubborn. But you know what? A small treat and I’m yours.

I don’t bite. I may rub your ankle with my snout. I’m not biting. I just want your attention. It doesn’t hurt.

I don’t go outside. That’s my personal choice. Lord knows my mom has tried. I’m house trained. I rather stay in the comforts of my room. And anyway, did you know that pigs can’t sweat and can’t control their body temperature? Moms careful with me on that and watches out for me.

Why am I telling you all of this? There are so many misconceptions about us pigs. People think we’re mean, that we don’t make good pets. I’m a miniature pot bellied pig. I’m a great pet. I’m smart and catch on fast. I’m trainable. I know tricks. I get along with other pets, in fact I have two pure things in the house with me. We play all of the time. I’m only as good as you make me. If you’re an animal lover, you will love me forever.

My name is Bacon and I approve this message.

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I’m Feeling So Much Better

I feel so much better this morning.  I went to bed at my usual time last night, around 9:00PM.  I was down for the night and didn’t get up one time.  I was very proud of myself… as well I’m sure mom was happy with that too.  This morning, I was bright eyes and bushy tailed.  Back to my old self.  It’s a wonder what a day will do for you in getting you back to your spunky self. 

I even got to try a new food.  Mom gave me sweet pickles.  mmm – they were awesome.  I’m all about new foods.  You know me.  I’m not that picky. 


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I’m Very Tired This Morning

Last night was a tough night for me.  I just couldn’t settle.  Mommy tucked me in at my usual bedtime.  She could hear me walking around in my room.  She checked on me before she went to bed and all I wanted to do was roam.  She tucked me in, gave me a kiss and gave me snuggles telling me to go to bed.  This was around 9:30PM.

Around 11:00PM, she got up to come check on me again because she heard me walking around.  I just looked at her with my big old brown eyes.  I just couldn’t settle.  I need some extra TLPC (Tender Loving Pig Care).  She sat with me a few minutes and then tucked me back in telling me to go to sleep.

Again, around 12:30AM, mom came and checked on me again.  I just wanted to root around.  I couldn’t sleep.  I think my belly was hurting a little bit.  Mommy didn’t fuss at me.  She came in and sat with me some more rubbing my belly.  That felt so good!  I actually fell asleep in her arms.  She finally tucked me in and went back to bed.

The thing is, as soon as she left it was like taking a pacifier from a baby.  I was up and awake again.  Mom’s final trip to check on me was around 2:00AM.  This time she brought her pillow and blankie.  She got right on the floor with me and I snuggled right up to her.  She rubbed my belly and sung to me.  I went right to sleep in her arms.  I’m not sure what time she left if she left at all. 

Usually I get her up for breakfast.  This morning, she got me up for breakfast.  She always feeds me before she goes to work.  It’s our mommy piggy time.  After I eat, there was no roaming for me.  I jumped right on the couch beside her and went to sleep until she finally had me go to my bed so she could get ready for work. 

See, my mommy is the best.  She never complained the entire night and she had to get up for work this morning.  Isn’t she the best mommy in the world! 


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More Memories

A lot of people said they enjoyed seeing some of my baby pictures. Blush – thank you. My mom takes pictures all the time of me. She’s bad now but she was crazy when I was tiny.

I thought I would post a few more for you. These are my all time favorites. When I first was adopted by my mom, she held me all of the time. I mean, I was a baby and I needed all of that extra tender loving care. I’m a big boy now… Okay I still get my love on with mom just don’t tell anyone. Remember I was a runt so I was extra small. I was 3 weeks old here.





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Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo and Buddy


I have some net friends that simply amaze me.  They are guinea pigs – Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo and Buddy.  I think of them and I think how astonishing they are.  Do you know they go out in the back yard.  Really!?  That is fascinating to me.  I’ve heard of the back yard.  I just haven’t went there yet.  I kind of like my room. 

When I think of these little guys, I think of the outrageous things they can do.  20120722-211310.jpgI can see them doing any of these moves.  They are happening pigs!  I promise you little fellows, if I ever make it to the movies, you will be in my contract to appear as well. 



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Dear Bacon



Dear Bacon,

I need some help.  My master continues to dress me in this silly outfit.  I’m not a big fan.  When I wear it and we go out on the town, everyone is really sociable though.  They always say, “Hello Kitty”.  They’re really nice about it.  I on the other hand just can’t stand the outfit and I don’t get it.  What can I do?  Signed – Purr in Distress

Dear Purr in Distress,

You don’t get it do you… Hello Kitty?  Do you ever surf the net?  Do you ever google Hello Kitty?  You know what – go for it.  Wear it with pride.  You look really darling and I caught myself saying, “Hheelloo Kkiittyy.” 




Dear Bacon,

See, I have talent too.  I love to ride my bicycle around our little village.  People see me rolling – they know I’m hip.  So it’s got training wheels – you gotta start somewhere and I love this thing.  You ever thought about riding a bicycle little pig?  Signed – Hip to the Hop

Dear Hip to the Hop,

Have you looked at me lately?  My legs are a little challenged.  My front legs are shorter than my back legs.  My tushy is made for comfort not speed.  I’m not into exercise unless it involves putting food into my mouth.  But, hey more to you dude.  Ride it with pride!





20120722-211345.jpgDear Bacon,

Every morning we get up and look at the window.  It’s our time to sit and reflect with each other.  Here lately, this stupid bird gets right in the window and puts his tail feathers in our faces.  What is up with that?!  What is this birds gone wild or something.  We are minding our own business and this chick has to do this?  What can we do?  Signed – Purr Things of Reflection

Dear Purr Things of Reflection –

You have to admit that’s kind of funny.  You know, I’m not saying ya’ll do, but a lot of purr things chase after birds.  Maybe this bird is “pigeonholing” ya’ll into one little category.  Thank you – I thought that was funny too.  Maybe try a different window in the house.  Maybe try ignoring the bird.  Reflect on my purr things and be the better kitty! 


Dear Bacon,

Every morning my adopted father comes out of the shower naked.  I can’t help to look like this every time I see him.  I mean, why would you shower naked?  I don’t take my fur off, do you?  Will this shocked look ever stop?  Signed – My Face May Freeze

Dear  My Face May Freeze,

Hang in there little man.  Humans do weird things like that.  My mother likes to sit in the water full of bubbles in the dark with candles.  Now that is strange to me!  Seeing your parent without clothes is natural to them.  Be tough little guy.  It’ll become second nature to you soon.


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Down Memory Lane…

I’ve gotten some new fans lately that haven’t seen the cute little ole me from way back when 10 months ago.  Isn’t it funny how time flies by so quickly?  This is a picture of me when I was around 5 weeks old.  So small but yet so powerful in the cute department.  I was a little tyke.  I came to live with my adopted mom when I was only a mere 3 weeks old.  I was a runt having to be bottle fed and since mom had history in that department, they let me adopt her.  It was the best decision in our lives.  I didn’t find just a home.  I found an overwhelming pot full of love at the end of my rainbow.  Who says dreams can’t come true?



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Aww Loveable Mom – There’s Enough To Go Around


This is what it’s like in the morning times at my house. We all want a piece of mom before she goes to the worky place.  After breakfast, we all usually climb up around or on her for some special loving mommy time.  This morning, Hemi got top place in her arms and on the sofa arm.  He stretches out with his long arms and kind of ‘hugs’ mom.  He is really affectionate.  He is the oldest and he usually gets that spot on mom. 


I usually crawl up on the couch near mom’s feet.  I know that’s weird to most but there is reasoning behind it.  I usually use her feet as pillows for my head while I sleep.  Did I mention that I also drool?  This means I usually get her feet wet too.  She doesn’t complain though.  She lets me do it. We seem to all hit the couch at one time and surround her with our love.  She takes turns petting all of us.  We have to get our loving in early because we know she is going to be going to the worky place all day.


Usually Mouse will get on the back of the sofa in the window behind mom.  This morning she didn’t do that though.  She decided she wanted to sleep in with dad.  It’s okay – that just meant that me and bro got more loving.  Mouse can be kind of fickle at times anyway.  Sometimes she wants loving and sometimes she doesn’t.  It just depends on her mood.  She’s a big purr thing so we just let her do what she wants.  She’s a gentle as a fly but you never know when that one time might come up that she loses it. 

So there you go.  This is what our morning is like in the Hotel Thompson.  Have a fabulously Friday and a great long weekend!










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Shout Out to My New Fans

Awww, I’m a little lucky piggy.  I’ve found out that I’ve got two new little fans that read my page.  Someone told me that they even enjoy looking at my pictures.  I’m in awe.

Mommy said that one of them had a bad experience with another pig.  Sweeties – you gotta remember that you can’t judge all pigs by that one.  Not all of them can be as amazing as me.  Smile.

I’m going to show you a couple of pictures of some pigs I’ve met on the internet.  They’re way too cute to be mean, aren’t they?

So, I would like to give a shout out to my new followers.  Big giant hogs and snout kisses to:


I can’t wait to meet you in person my new friends!


P.S. Basil – I could *never* forget you or any of my new internet friends.  I feel like I know you all we talk so much.  I love you net friends!


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Sleeping Bacon

In the mornings after breakfast, I always jump on the couch beside mom is go to sleep.  This morning was no different.  I love my mommy time.  I feel comfortable with  her.  I get my best sleep there.  This morning, as usual, mom had the video camera going.  Nothing is sacred with her anymore – snort.

So, do you wonder what I dream about?  Seeing me chasing rabbits and playing in the fields?  It’s good to be me sometimes!

PS – Yes, that’s moms toes.  I told you I slept on her.  Giggles…

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