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I Have Bed Head


Oh mom – she is so camera happy these days!

She caught me sleeping on the floor in the front room.  I was watching television but dozed off.  She started clicking pictures and I started waking up.  Notice the sleepy bed head look on my face.  Can’t a pig sleep on the front room floor without being interrupted from his piggy dreams?  HA




Mom says that I’m the cutest right when I wake up from my naps.  I kind of knelt up in this picture and gave her my back.  I gotta get my naps in during the day.  I’m a growing pig.  I gotta keep the cute level to the maximum.  I take naps during the day so that way when mom gets home I can run and play with her throughout the house.  And today is Friday – that means I get to stay up late with mommy watching television – yay!





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I Understand Certain Words/Phrases

I’m not sure if you know this, but I’m a smart piglet.


There’s lots of things that happen in my little life that I can figure out.  There’s certain words and phrases that I understand and know what they mean.

For instance, I definitely understand the word, “No.”  I’ve been trained with this word since mommy adopted me at 3 weeks old.  She says it one time and I know that I need to stop what I’m doing or I will be in trouble.  Usually, she doesn’t have to tell me twice.  Now daddy on the other hand – he doesn’t have me so trained yet.  LOL


I also understand certain phrases like, “Go to your room”, “Let’s go to bed”, “Pick up your toys” and my favorite, “You wanna eat?”

It took me a couple of weeks to get these down but mom reinforced them with snacks.  Nowadays, you tell me a phrase and I’ll do it.  It’s really fun when there is company over and mom tells me one of these things and I do it.  Everyone is always astonished but like I said, I’m a quick learner.  I’m just like a little child at heart.  As mom tells people, I’m her little pig son. 

I’m a lot of fun too.  I know people often question mom of how I act around the house.  I act just like any other animal.  See in the picture – I lay around a lot.  I take naps.  I play with the purr things.  I run around the house.  I’m kind of like a forever puppy.  I need structure – lots of it.  I have a certain schedule that mom and dad keep me on every day.  I like that.  I get a lot of love from mom and dad and I give a lot of love in return.


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My Love…

Every since I was a piglet, mom has fed me strawberries.  I absolutely love those things.  When they are in season, mom leaves me one on my pillow at night when she turns down my bed.  I like them small, medium, large or extra large.  I just love putting my little mouth around them and squashing them.  Strawberry juice goes all in my mouth and it is so yummy!  I’ve caught mommy eating them too.




Sometimes, she dunks them in chocolate for herself.  They are probably one of the best treats that I get.

Can you imagine finding this strawberry on your pillow at night?  Oh thud – I would be in pig heaven!



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A Begging Pig

Last night daddy was having a snack of some chips.  They smelt so wonderful.  He usually doesn’t eat in front of me so that meant he wanted to share, right?  I jumped up being so cute and begged him for a taste.  Of course ever-ready-camera-happy mom was standing by and started video taping me.  I told her she needs to send me to America’s Funniest Videos.  I am that cute.  What do you think of this video?


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Some of My Favorite Shows

I love Porky Pig.  I’ve been watching different cartoons with Porky during the day and at night sometimes when mommy puts me to bed.  He’s so funny.  I would love to be like him one day.  I bet looking at the pictures you can recognize some of the cartoons.  I wonder if they can make a cartoon out of me?  I think I would be perfect.  And what about that fine looking Petunia Pig?  She is cute and sassy too.  I think that Porky and Petunia were a cute couple.

I also LOVE The Flintstones, especially the ones with Mr. Gazoo.  He was hilarious in his antics.  Barney and Fred always got in trouble with him.  He was so much fun!  He was small too – fun sized packaging I like to say.


And my favorite show that I’ve been catching up on lately… Gilligan’s Island.  I’m finding this show very intriguing.  I really can’t pick a favorite character – all of them have something to bring to the table as far as being funny.  I would like mom to buy all of the DVD’s for me to watch.  I can watch them over and over.  I think it would be a hoot to be stranded on that little island with everyone… just so long I didn’t become dinner.  🙂

What are some of your favorite old school shows that you like to watch?

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“THE” Phone Call


Uh oh.  Mom got the phone call today.   You know the one I’m talking about.  The “If you don’t behave, I’m going to call your mother” phone call.  Mom said I was so good this morning.  I guess I was being pig headed with daddy and pushed him over the edge.  I knew I was getting close, you can always tell.  I heard him calling mom and she heard him telling me, “I’ve got mommy on the phone right now sir.” 




I heard him telling her everything I did.  I admit it.  I did it.  I picked on the purr things.  I got in the purr things food.  I spilled my water.  I moved the rugs.  I might have pulled up the carpet a little bit at my bedroom door.  Dad told me to stop but know I’m a pig.  I get fixated.  I get pigheaded.  I keep going back and doing things.  So dad called mommy at work.  He put her on the phone and she had a little prayer meeting with me.  It’s safe to say that I will be better the rest of the day. 


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The Smallest Things

My mom told me this last night.

She said that I may be small but I fill her heart with so much love.  AAAWW – I love her too.

So, fellow pets – the next time you’re with your parents make sure to give them extra snuggles and think of what piglet says, “Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart!”



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Happy Summer

Are you ready for the summer?

Mom has her piggy flip flops ready to go. The air is warm outside. There’s no rain in the forecast. It’s time to play in the water and lay in the sun to feel the heat on your body and face. I love to feel mommy when she comes in from outside and she’s all nice and warm. I like to put my cold, wet snout right on her to warm it up. She doesn’t mind.

Mommy told me about hot air balloons. Wouldn’t it be exciting if you went outside and saw this hot air balloon floating in the sky? I would absolutely LOVE it. I’d want to get in it and float away to the sky as well. I would hold mommy’s hand because she said she would be scared being that far off of the ground. I wouldn’t be afraid.

So, enjoy the summer. Enjoy the heat. Look in the sky and see if you can find this balloon – let me know if you do.


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This is me doing what I do best. I love to cuddle in moms arms after I eat my bedtime snack of apples. I especially like it when she rocks and sings me to sleep. She’s done this since she adopted me at 3 weeks. We have a certain pattern we follow every night. We have our quiet cuddle time while watching Jeopardy. Sometime after that show, I go potty and then mom and dad tuck me into bed. Sometimes I watch a cartoon on my television in my bedroom and sometimes I go straight to sleep. Before mom goes to bed, she always comes and checks on me kissing me goodnight. Aaww – I love my life.



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Dear Bacon… Part II

Back by popular demand is the second issue of Dear Bacon. Remember, if you have any questions or comments, please email them to me at

Dear Bacon,

Unlike you, my parents tend to dress me up in the most ridiculous outfits possible. Take for instance this picture, flowers please? I look so stupid. What should I do – signed Pig Flower

Dear Pig Flower,

WOW – Words can not describe how you look – I’m speechless on the sight of your blooming flowers. With all those flowers, why don’t you visit some nursing homes and make some new friends. Maybe they can dress you up with more amusing… I mean attractive outfits?

Dear Bacon,

My mom says that my lipstick is too dark. I kind of like it and want to keep my look. What do you think? – Marilyn Guinea

Dear Marilyn,

You’re just worried about your lipstick color? Why not tone it down and add the color to your long toenails. I mean, you’ve got the look sweetheart – shake what your momma gave you. hubba hubba

Dear Bacon,

I absolutely love Spiderman. My parents made me an outfit last Halloween and I just can’t take it off. I wear it around the house and neighborhood. Mom has to take it off of me at night to wash. Do you think it’s weird of me to wear it all of the time? – Spidey Pig

Dear Spidey Pig,

I am so envious! I want an outfit too. My mom said she was looking for one for me. Is it weird? Is it weird for me to have an advice column? Is it weird for me to have my own web page and email address? Weird is what makes the world go around. The only people that are weird are people that don’t think they have weirdness in them. Vogue it Spidey Pig and strut!

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