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The Snout Shows the Personality

Do you know about the Rorschach tests?  You may know them better as the ink blot tests.  I’ve been looking at them a lot lately trying to test my IQ.  Let me show you a picture and then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.  Take for instance the picture here to the right.  What do you see?  Most people would say a butterfly.  I see a dragon in full flight with the picture being taken over him.  See how it works?  I personally think, and this is coming from Dr. Bacon, that you can do the same thing with snouts.  Snouts are like fingerprints to humans.  We all look different.



Take my snout for an example.  Look closely at the markings.  What do you see?  Mom sees the outline of the character Mickey Mouse.  This makes me different from other pigs and their snouts.  What do you see? I like to refer to this strategy of looking at pig snouts as PigRorschach or AKA PigInk Blot.  I’ve got a couple of more snouts for you to examine below.  As you will see, I have a very unique and unusal snout marking.















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Yes, May I Help You?

20120628-092922.jpgMom is forever taking pictures of me.  I have to get used to it.  She catches me at my best and worst.  Take for instance this picture.  I was having a me moment.  The orange sheet is my bankie.  I love my bankie.  I sleep on it.  I play on it.  I roll around on it.  Sometimes mommy hides food in it and I root around in it.  I love my bankie.

Last night, my bankie was in my room where mommy put it.  I used my mouth and snout and I drug my bankie all the way down the hall and into the living room.  Now, this is a lot of bankie.  You have to know that.  It’s an old king size sheet that mom gave me. 

I drug my bankie to the front room and was playing with it all over the living room floor.  I was pulling it here and there and rolling around in it.  Of course, this led to the purr thing Hemi wanting to play with it as well.  One time, he hid in the bankie and I didn’t know.  I went to roll and rolled next him.  He moved and I jumped up barking and running down the hall.  Call me a scaredy pig – LOL. 

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