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Dear Bacon – Part III

Dear Bacon,

What’s happening pig?  So like here is the problem dude.  I think like I’m a happening cat.  I got the moves like Jagger.  I wear my hoodie.  My parents still want to treat me like a kitty – what’s up with that? Signed Rap Cat

Dear Rap Cat,

Slow your roll purr thing.  You are still a babe.  You’re not a member of the group Stray Cats.  I’m not sure if you been told this but you are pussy cat, not a rap cat.  I hate to be the bearer of the bad news.  Quit trying to go all jive in front of your parents.  Save the rap when they go to bed at night.  I bet they would love to hear that in the middle of the night. 

Dear Bacon,

I have a small problem.  As  you can see, my parents think I’m their personal marshmallow holder.  I can’t help that my fur is thorny.  What am I to do? – Signed Thorny

Dear Thorny,

Give me a minute to pick myself up from off the floor.  I’m sorry dude.  That’s the funniest picture I’ve seen in some time.  You’re parents are really original.  I know it may seem like a pain in your side – HA – but go with it.  They can rent you out to parties and such – you can make money and save for your retirement.  I say go with it and make the best out of it little guy.

Dear Bacon,

Finally I have proof with this picture!  When I get in trouble, my parents put me in a corner and point their fingers at me.  What’s a kitty to do? Signed – Hands Up in the Air

Dear Hands Up in the Air,

Take your hands down from the air.  Use those paws that you have and swat those fingers.  They won’t be putting baby in the corner anymore.


Dear Bacon,

I’ve read your blogs.  You talk about bed head.  Come on pig – look at this picture.  I think I have you down on bed head.  Signed – Bed Head Extraordinaire

Dear Bed Head –

You got me.  Now please go shower and fix yourself up.  You’re scaring the viewers.


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Dinner is Served…or was Served


This is me last night during dinner.  Momma says, “You wanna eat?” and I’m there with bells on.  I don’t play around when it comes to food.  Every night, I get piggy pellets, salad mix, tomatoes and carrots.  Sometimes dad throws in sliced cucumbers – yum.  And it has to be served in my piggy plate.  I’m spoiled like that.  I eat what I love last so that means all of the salad, tomatoes and carrots have to come out.  I eat the piggy pellets first and then go back.  I don’t have to worry about the purr things eating any of my food – they don’t like salads.  They’re one of my staples. 



After I get done eating, I go potty and then sometimes I will play with the purr things and other times I settle with mommy for snuggle time.  Last night, the purr things were waiting for me to come back and play.  They’re great company.  The orange one on the floor, that’s Hemi.  He’s a Hemingway cat that has extra toes.  Believe me, you can tell he has extra toes when he slaps you on the fanny!  The black one on the couch, that’s Mouse Girl – Mouse for short.  She’s a Maine Coon cat.  She looks big and mean but she’s a pussy cat.  LOL – gotta go play now.  Take care my friends!!


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I Have Bed Head


Oh mom – she is so camera happy these days!

She caught me sleeping on the floor in the front room.  I was watching television but dozed off.  She started clicking pictures and I started waking up.  Notice the sleepy bed head look on my face.  Can’t a pig sleep on the front room floor without being interrupted from his piggy dreams?  HA




Mom says that I’m the cutest right when I wake up from my naps.  I kind of knelt up in this picture and gave her my back.  I gotta get my naps in during the day.  I’m a growing pig.  I gotta keep the cute level to the maximum.  I take naps during the day so that way when mom gets home I can run and play with her throughout the house.  And today is Friday – that means I get to stay up late with mommy watching television – yay!





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