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I Understand Certain Words/Phrases

I’m not sure if you know this, but I’m a smart piglet.


There’s lots of things that happen in my little life that I can figure out.  There’s certain words and phrases that I understand and know what they mean.

For instance, I definitely understand the word, “No.”  I’ve been trained with this word since mommy adopted me at 3 weeks old.  She says it one time and I know that I need to stop what I’m doing or I will be in trouble.  Usually, she doesn’t have to tell me twice.  Now daddy on the other hand – he doesn’t have me so trained yet.  LOL


I also understand certain phrases like, “Go to your room”, “Let’s go to bed”, “Pick up your toys” and my favorite, “You wanna eat?”

It took me a couple of weeks to get these down but mom reinforced them with snacks.  Nowadays, you tell me a phrase and I’ll do it.  It’s really fun when there is company over and mom tells me one of these things and I do it.  Everyone is always astonished but like I said, I’m a quick learner.  I’m just like a little child at heart.  As mom tells people, I’m her little pig son. 

I’m a lot of fun too.  I know people often question mom of how I act around the house.  I act just like any other animal.  See in the picture – I lay around a lot.  I take naps.  I play with the purr things.  I run around the house.  I’m kind of like a forever puppy.  I need structure – lots of it.  I have a certain schedule that mom and dad keep me on every day.  I like that.  I get a lot of love from mom and dad and I give a lot of love in return.


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My Love…

Every since I was a piglet, mom has fed me strawberries.  I absolutely love those things.  When they are in season, mom leaves me one on my pillow at night when she turns down my bed.  I like them small, medium, large or extra large.  I just love putting my little mouth around them and squashing them.  Strawberry juice goes all in my mouth and it is so yummy!  I’ve caught mommy eating them too.




Sometimes, she dunks them in chocolate for herself.  They are probably one of the best treats that I get.

Can you imagine finding this strawberry on your pillow at night?  Oh thud – I would be in pig heaven!



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A Begging Pig

Last night daddy was having a snack of some chips.  They smelt so wonderful.  He usually doesn’t eat in front of me so that meant he wanted to share, right?  I jumped up being so cute and begged him for a taste.  Of course ever-ready-camera-happy mom was standing by and started video taping me.  I told her she needs to send me to America’s Funniest Videos.  I am that cute.  What do you think of this video?


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