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This is me doing what I do best. I love to cuddle in moms arms after I eat my bedtime snack of apples. I especially like it when she rocks and sings me to sleep. She’s done this since she adopted me at 3 weeks. We have a certain pattern we follow every night. We have our quiet cuddle time while watching Jeopardy. Sometime after that show, I go potty and then mom and dad tuck me into bed. Sometimes I watch a cartoon on my television in my bedroom and sometimes I go straight to sleep. Before mom goes to bed, she always comes and checks on me kissing me goodnight. Aaww – I love my life.



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Dear Bacon… Part II

Back by popular demand is the second issue of Dear Bacon. Remember, if you have any questions or comments, please email them to me at

Dear Bacon,

Unlike you, my parents tend to dress me up in the most ridiculous outfits possible. Take for instance this picture, flowers please? I look so stupid. What should I do – signed Pig Flower

Dear Pig Flower,

WOW – Words can not describe how you look – I’m speechless on the sight of your blooming flowers. With all those flowers, why don’t you visit some nursing homes and make some new friends. Maybe they can dress you up with more amusing… I mean attractive outfits?

Dear Bacon,

My mom says that my lipstick is too dark. I kind of like it and want to keep my look. What do you think? – Marilyn Guinea

Dear Marilyn,

You’re just worried about your lipstick color? Why not tone it down and add the color to your long toenails. I mean, you’ve got the look sweetheart – shake what your momma gave you. hubba hubba

Dear Bacon,

I absolutely love Spiderman. My parents made me an outfit last Halloween and I just can’t take it off. I wear it around the house and neighborhood. Mom has to take it off of me at night to wash. Do you think it’s weird of me to wear it all of the time? – Spidey Pig

Dear Spidey Pig,

I am so envious! I want an outfit too. My mom said she was looking for one for me. Is it weird? Is it weird for me to have an advice column? Is it weird for me to have my own web page and email address? Weird is what makes the world go around. The only people that are weird are people that don’t think they have weirdness in them. Vogue it Spidey Pig and strut!

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Being a Super Hero Pig

Being a super hero pig is still close to my heart.  Everyone has a little super hero in them.  I often dream about being a Super Pig, Spider Pig or Captain Pig.  I would be great at it.  Sometimes around the house, I play super hero.  I run through the house, up and down the hallways and throughout my room.  Just for a fun kick, I like to wear a towel on my back as a cape – sshh – don’t tell anyone though.  That’s just our little secret.  I want mommy to make me a real cape to wear. 

I could even have my own comic book – the possibilities are endless!


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