Momma Said There Would Be Days Like This

18 Jun

Saturday night I had company.  Momma said that these days I get more company than her and daddy.  The neighbor came over to see how big I’ve become.  When I have company, you know I have to show off.  I just strut through the house, up and down the hallway and all around.  I’m cute and I have to show it off.  I jump in mommy’s lap and give her snout kisses.  I make slurping sounds.  I wag my little tail and waddle on the floor.

Saturday night I thought I would be cute and run behind the big couch.  I’ve done it in the past and I know mommy doesn’t like it but well I like to get a rise out of her sometimes.  I didn’t know she put big fluffy pillows on both ends so I couldn’t get through.  What she didn’t know is I’m really pig headed – snort.  I jumped over the pillow.  That was where I made my first mistake.  I got stuck.  My butt was in the air, my tail was wagging and my feet were running but I was going anywhere.  I had to call for mommy to come save me.  It was so embarassing with company there to see me.  Mommy had to pull me out because my belly got in the way.  Everyone was laughing and they still thought I was cute but come on – I got stuck.  Mommy held me afterwards.  I was tuckered out from trying to get loose.  She told me not to do it again.  Sigh… I probably will.  You know, because I’m pig headed.

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