Me and My Mommy

18 Jun


People often ask me what I do around the house.  One of my favorite things in the world is to snuggle with mommy.  I crawl up beside her on one side, go behind her and then snuggle up to her leg on the other side.  See, there is a system to my madness.  I try to get as close as possible to her so she can feel my heartbeat.  It’s what I would do with my real mommy and she is my adopted mommy.  Then she pets me and we watch television.  She says that I drool like a St.Bernard.  I’m not sure what a St. Bernard is but I guess I do drool a little.  You can see it in this picture.  It’s just when I go to sleep and get comfortable, my mouth opens sometimes and water escapes.  Mommy doesn’t care. 



This picture here is where I climbed behind daddy.  He was watching television.  See the look on my face – you can tell I was up to no good.  I like crawling behind him and then jumping off the side of the couch.  It’s a little fun game that I like to play.  The purr things walk by and they don’t see me until the last minute.  It’s a shocker for both of us.  We’re all about playing tag in our home. 

I hope you enjoyed my pictures.  These were taken Saturday while the big boys were playing in the front yard.  They were watching me.  They said I was amazing.  I am, aren’t I?  LOL


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