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Happy Father’s Day!

Dad,Let’s start off by saying thank you. We appreciate you – we really do, honestly. There are so many things to be grateful for with you that it’s hard to list them all. But 🙂 let’s try to give you a few.
  • You remember all of those times that we leave our toys on the floor throughout the house and you step on them doing the hoochie dance, thanks for not getting mad. We’re only fur things – children if you will. We’re close to the floor and they don’t hurt us when we step on them. But we appreciate your hoochie dance – it is quite the sight, especially early in the wee hours of the morning.
  • And God help us, you know us purr things will have cough cough fur balls from time to time. And we know you really, really hate this but when you do happen to find them with your toes, we appreciate you not getting mad. But again, we really appreciate the colorful adjectives you use and the hippity hop you do around the floor.
  • And dad – thank you for putting us first in matters of the tummy. We really do appreciate you feeding us and getting us settled down before you partake. I know we get be a bit bothersome until we get fed though. Between the fur things pushing you off the bed to get fed and my alarm sound going off, it is a sight. But we do appreciate the vision of you sitting straight up in bed shocked out of sleep like a land mind just hit the house. That’s pretty comical to us in the morning.
  • And biggest thank you of all is how you pick up after us. You know cleaning our beds, our rooms, our boxes and such. It’s wonderful having fresh linens brought to our room, turn down service and room service at times. I think we’ve trained you pretty well.

So come on dad – take a load off today, this one day. Every thing will be waiting for you tomorrow.


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