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Mom’s Car Has Potential



A while back I told you about mom’s new car.  She got a Smart ForTwo Passion.  You know one of those miniature cars – do you see a pattern here or is just me?  Anywho, yes it is as small as it looks.  It’s like a matchbox times 20 with wheels.  But, she loves it and zips around town in as happy as a pig in mud 🙂

Well, I’ve been looking at different ways I can get her on “Pimp My Ride”.  Can you imagine them tripping this out?  It would be a hoot.  Who have laugh harder – them seeing what they have to work with or the look on mom’s face if they ‘stole’ it for the show.  It would just be priceless.  Everyone gives her heck about the little car.  She even calls it Albert.  Do you get it?  It took me a while too.  Let me help you make the connection… Albert – smart car – Einstein?  There you go – I see the lights going off now.

So I found some ways to pimp it on line.  How about any of the following?  I think they can tweak them with a Smart car…snicker!








And of course, this decal *has* to go on the back of the car.  I’m buying one now as we type –

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Comedy – Where’s Your Sense of Humor?

These are pigs in a blanket that you are familiar with.  Funny looking – they don’t resemble a pig at all.  Not sure why they call ‘them’ pigs in a blanket.  Doesn’t make sense, not at all.  Because you know….

wait for it….




“I” am the original pig in a blanket – snort


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Pig Shaped Food

Mom has really been testing me lately.  She likes ‘pig’ shaped food items.  She thinks it’s cute.  Okay, well I do in a way as well.  I think it’s kind of fun how many things you can find that are actually my fun sized shape.  She’s always surprised dad.  I think he just likes to eat the snout off first of everything.  Sick man – snort giggles!

I thought I would share some of the things that she has found that are me shaped. Whatcha think – don’t you want to bite a snout too?










There you go – pig shapped cookies; pig shaped ham, lettuce and cheese sammy; a molded chocolate pig shaped truffle; miniature pig hamburgers and a pig shaped ice cream sammy – mmm – they look delicious!


And I saved my favorite for last.  I could pig out – snort – on this.  Just give me 10 seconds.  I’ll make it disappear!



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Ha – I Know Where Your Vegetables Are

I know there’s lots of people that don’t eat their vegetables.  But come on kids, they are darn right out tasty.  I eat lots of them – I mean lots.  I eat everything – broccoli, lettuce, carrots, radishes, green beans, brussel sprouts, celery and everything in between.  Vegetables make us grow up nice and strong – and well sexy.  It does your body good to eat them.  So eat up and enjoy – try something new.  You might like it.

But for those of you that don’t know where your vegetables seem to go – I have an answer for you.



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Comparison Pictures – I’m Not Fat – I’m Fun Size

Some people have the nerve to say that I’m ‘big’ or by all means ‘fat’.  I’m not either of those things.  I am a perfectly normal miniature pot bellied pig.  I weigh a fashionably 35 pounds.  I watch my weight.  I eat my fruits and vegetables.  I exercise.  I mean if you want big, look at some of my ancestors.  They go from 500 pounds up to over 1,000 pounds!  Now that’s hefty.  I just consider myself fun size.  I’m an intelligent piglet.  Do you know of any other piglets that manage their own web page?  Have their own email address?  That can surf the web with their hooves?  I got talent peeps.

Just to show you that I really haven’t gotten that big, I will show you some comparison shots of my lovely self 🙂

These are my gorgeous legs and hooves.  The first shot was at 3 weeks and the second shot is at 9 months.  Yes, I’ve grown but not really that much bigger.









Now let’s move on to my sexy tail.  The first picture is at 3 weeks and the fuzzy second picture is at 9 months.  Isn’t that thing fine looking?  I love my tail.  It defines part of me.  It’s always wagging because I’m extremely happy.  When you see it standing straight up, you better watch out because I’m doing a pee pee dance – Snort LOL










So, there you go.  Fun size package full of exciting adventure.  Yeah, that’s me.  I think I’ll market myself that way on EHarmony. 

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My Purr Brother – Hemi



This is my purr thing brother Hemi.  He rules this house buddy.  I thought I did but not by a long shot.  He’s been here the longest.  He gets to sleep front and center with mom and dad every night.  He is what they call a Hemingway cat…you know with extra toes.  And believe me you, he slaps me on the butt when we play and you certainly can feel the full swipe of his powerful little hand – snort.   We often play chase up and down the hallway and throughout the house.  He hasn’t done yet but I know one day we will be true buddies and he will sleep with me at night in my bed cuddled together.  I just know it.









When he sleeps, he’s like me and he dreams.  I would love to psycho-analyze his dreams.  I would give up one meal to see what he sees.



I caught himself looking in the mirror the other day and I saw his reflection.  I was able to snap a quick picture of it before he saw me.  I was shocked.  Here’s his picture:






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Breakfast Time

Breakfast is made of champions. We can’t skip it. Heck, what am I talking about. I don’t skip any meals.
Happy morning my dear friends.

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