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Who says that pigs can’t be super heros?  I can be a super hero.  One of my favorite super heros who I think is majorly underrated is Under Dog.  Why can’t I be his side kick?  All super hero’s have side kicks.  I mean think about it.  Who in the world would ever think about me being a super hero.  My identity would be forever silent as I fight crime everywhere.  See, I can get my red cape fitted by this afternoon.  Blushes – yes I already have one.  I like to play around the house in it.  sshh – don’t tell anyone.








This one’s for you my close friend Parker – snout kisses!

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Brush Song

My nightly routine is similar to yours.  I eat my snack, I brush my teeth, I go potty, I say my piggy prayers and then mom and dad tuck me in for the night.  It’s the same thing every night.  I need that – a routine, a daily schedule.  It keeps my internal clock ticking.  To help me brush my teeth, mom sings a song to me while she helps me.  So, I thought I would share.


Brush, brush, brush your teeth

each and every day

up, down all around

Brush it all away.



Bet you won’t brush your teeth again without singing that song!  Wink – you’re welcome.



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My Idea For Halloween

20120611-091041.jpgLeave it to mom to find the coolest costumes for Halloween.  This weekend we watched Phantom of the Opera – what a cool show!  I loved all of the singing.  I tried to sing along several times with the great actors.  Mom did too.

Afterwards me and mom talked about the basis of the opera and I was so hooked.  So she borrowed my computer and found this cool picture.  This is definitely what I want to dress up as for Halloween this year. 

What do you think?

Phantom of the Pig


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LOL – Don’t Call PigFacs Yet – LOL

Some of you ask what mom does when I’m a bbaaddd piggy.  It doesn’t happen often because you know – I’m perfect.  But, there are those days that I can be a little pig headed – I know – it’s hard to believe, isn’t it?! 

Well, when I’m bad, mom cooks in the kitchen.  She usually bakes bacon – snort – LOL.





Just joking.  Of course she doesn’t do this while I’m running wild through the house or for punishment.  You can get PigFacs off of speed dial now.  I’m okay and I’m safe – snort snort giggles giggles




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Here we are back to another Monday. Another week of jumping through hoops to get through the week. Another week of juggling schedules and trying to maintain you’re cool. I, on one hoof, really don’t understand the grind because my days are all the same – you know the pampering leisure days of a spoiled piglet. But on the other hoof, I understand completely from mom. I hear her discussing these things with dad.

So, in the famous words of my ancestor Porky Pig who I think expressed it best;


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