Really, I’m Not

07 Jun


I had a couple of emails and comments yesterday about some of my pictures.  I loved it – please keep them coming.  You know you can always catch me privately on my email at

Yes, I’m a hip pig – I have my own email account.  Do you really think that is unusual when I have my own web page?  Snort

I like to think of myself as a smart piglet.  I’m computer oriented.  I often ‘surf’ the net for new things – funny pictures I like to share.  There are even a couple of games out there that I like to play on the i-Pad.  Pig Dice, Pig Shot, Speedy Pigs, Pig Shuffle… just to name a few.  Don’t think I can’t play – I can make these hooves move.

So I digress… back to really I’m not.  Some of the comments I got yesterday said that it looked like you could see my tongue or that it was sticking out.  Honestly, it’s not.  What looks like my tongue is actually markings on my beautifully strong snout.  My bottom lip per say is underneath my snout. 

Another question that was brought up recently, and I have to laugh at it, asked me if I had teeth.  Yes, I have teeth.  As a piglet you have 28 teeth and as a full grown piggy you have 44 teeth.  Mom counts my teeth often when she brushes them.  Right now I’m at 24 so I’m still calling myself a piglet.  Heck, I am still a baby.  I’m barely getting 9 months now.  And yes, I use those teeth to eat.  They help me get through my carrots, celery, my apples and piggy pellets.

So there you go – more than what you wanted to know about me.  Keep the questions coming – love them…. and yeah, it gives me something to do when daddy is sleeping – snort.

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