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Take that Twilight

I know I talk about me a lot but let me tell you something about mom.  She’s a Twilight freak.  Not the time of day – the movie.  You know it – the vampires, wolves oh my movie.  I’m not saying that she’s read the books or seen the movies too much but she quotes the lines a lot.  She knows the characters.  And let me tell you something – she collects these figures that look like them.  She calls them her collectible Barbies.  Shakes head – I think mom has gone over board.  So, I have to have an intervention with her – snort giggles.

One of the main characters in these books is a girl called Bella.  Beautiful girl.  But, my take on Bella is so much better.  I have to pick on mom with this one.  I’m going to post and then go into hiding.  When she sees it, she’ll find me.  I’m not giving her the password to take this picture off here either.  SNORT – enjoy!

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Snort – HA – LOL – Too Funny

Today, I’ve been roaming the house and playing with the i-Pad when daddy has napped.  Today is his free day so he didn’t have any honey do lists as he calls them.  I go tired of playing games so I been surfing you tube and the internet.  There is some funny stuff out there!  I came across some pig jokes and I thought I would share.  When I read them, I was rolling all over the floor laughing.  I was laughing so hard that my big belly started hurting.  It was so funny. 


What kind of pig knows karate?  A pork chop!

What is the difference between swine flu and bird flu?  Swine flu you need oinkment and bird flu you need tweetment.

Why did the pig take a bath?  He heard the farmer say hogwash.

What is a pigs favorite ballet? Swine Lake

What do you get when you cross a pig with a dinosaur?  Jurassic Pork

What do you call a sunburnt pig?  Bacon

Hope you enjoyed these!  Weren’t they hoglarious? Bacon out!


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Really, I’m Not


I had a couple of emails and comments yesterday about some of my pictures.  I loved it – please keep them coming.  You know you can always catch me privately on my email at

Yes, I’m a hip pig – I have my own email account.  Do you really think that is unusual when I have my own web page?  Snort

I like to think of myself as a smart piglet.  I’m computer oriented.  I often ‘surf’ the net for new things – funny pictures I like to share.  There are even a couple of games out there that I like to play on the i-Pad.  Pig Dice, Pig Shot, Speedy Pigs, Pig Shuffle… just to name a few.  Don’t think I can’t play – I can make these hooves move.

So I digress… back to really I’m not.  Some of the comments I got yesterday said that it looked like you could see my tongue or that it was sticking out.  Honestly, it’s not.  What looks like my tongue is actually markings on my beautifully strong snout.  My bottom lip per say is underneath my snout. 

Another question that was brought up recently, and I have to laugh at it, asked me if I had teeth.  Yes, I have teeth.  As a piglet you have 28 teeth and as a full grown piggy you have 44 teeth.  Mom counts my teeth often when she brushes them.  Right now I’m at 24 so I’m still calling myself a piglet.  Heck, I am still a baby.  I’m barely getting 9 months now.  And yes, I use those teeth to eat.  They help me get through my carrots, celery, my apples and piggy pellets.

So there you go – more than what you wanted to know about me.  Keep the questions coming – love them…. and yeah, it gives me something to do when daddy is sleeping – snort.

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