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Bed Time Antics


Momma says I’m just like a small child.  She put me to bed last night and tucked me in.  I heard her in her room getting ready to lay down.  I called for her to come back and see me.  There’s this little whine that I do to get mom’s attention and she knows I’m calling just her.  I got out of bed when she came in.  I didn’t really *need* anything.  I just my mommy.  We cuddled a little, she kissed me good night again and tucked me back into bed.  She went on to her room getting ready for bedtime too.

A few minutes later, I called for her again.  I heard her rustling around in her room and I again met her at the door of my room.  She was kind and we snuggled again, she kissed me good night and tucked me back into bed.

Well you know what happened next, right?  🙂  I called her again.  She came back into the room and she didn’t fuss.  We snuggled again, she kissed my snout and tucked me back into bed.  But this time she told me she wasn’t come back anymore tonight.  I knew what she meant and I went to sleep.

See, I guess I am like a small child.  Where a small child might say, “Mom, I need a glass of water” or “Mom, I need to go to the bathroom” or “Mom, I need you”, I just call for her in my little whiny voice.  It worked.  She came back every time.  I think I have her wrapped around my hooves where I want her.  Evil Pig Smile 🙂


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