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This weekend I didn’t get to play on the computer that much.  The purr things were out to get me – snort.  The smaller one, Hemi, took my computer.  He also tried to take over my room but I got him on that one.  He’s very sneaky.  He likes to hide in my room so when I take my naps he picks on me.  Not bad pick.  Like when I’m trying to sleep, he plays with  my toys to try and keep me up.  He sneaks in my bed and takes my blankies and pillow.  I have caught the little booger sleeping in MY bed with his little head on MY pillow covered up.  Who sleeps in other peoples beds?  He has his own.  Go find it. 

The other cat is dad’s little princess.  She does no wrong – evah!  She sits and laughs at you because she knows she is untouchable.  This weekend she kept trying to get me in trouble.  She was tempting me with her long bushy tail off of the couch arm.  She was swinging it off of the edge for me to try to get.  Hey – if you test me I will take the bait.  Fortunately, mom saw that she was doing this so I didn’t get 100% in trouble for attempting to get her tail… just maybe like 60% in trouble.  She comes in my room too and sleeps in my bed.  She’s a huge cat – momma says she is a maine coon.  She’s younger than Hemi but twice as big.  They call her Mouse Girl.  She’s tolerable but a huge trouble maker.  The kind that will hit you and then act like you got her – you know that kind of troublemaker!

Regardless, I know we are all family.  But they do kind of act like see nothing, hear nothing and say nothing.  Little boogers!

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