The Best Sleep

01 Jun


The best sleep for me has to be early in the morning.  After I do my civic duty in waking up mom for the worky place, she feeds me my wonderful breakfast of pig pellets and cheerios – the breakfast of champions everywhere 🙂

After I eat, I like to snuggle with mom.  Sometimes we go back to her bed and other times we go back to my bed.  She sits or lays down to watch the morning news and I crawl as close 20120601-070440.jpgas possible to her right leg.  Has to be the right leg because it’s my favorite – snort.  I have to get my snout warm from drinking my water so I put it right under her knee.  Sometimes I tunnel it under to get just the exact heat.  Doesn’t everyone do this when their snout is cold?

Momma considers this our morning bonding time so she cuddles with me for about 30 minutes.  She pets my back, rubs my belly and massages my hooves during this time.  I especially love the belly rubbing part.  It’s a lot to carry and I need a lot of comfort there – HA!

When we get done cuddling and watching the news, she tells me it’s time for her to get ready for the worky place and for me to take my morning nap which I’m very good at might I add.  So this begins my day every morning. 

Life is so hard, isn’t it?  When is your favorite time for sleep? 




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