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Conserve Energy During the Day

So during the day when I’m at home with dad, I conserve energy and get a lot of sleeping done.  This way, when mom gets home from the worky place I can play with her.  I’m not saying that I don’t give dad a run for his money… I mean that I don’t show dad some attention 🙂  .  I just usually save it up to drive mom crazy… I mean to show mom some attention. 

If I pester her enough, she will get on the floor and roll with me.  This always leads to a piggy massage on my belly.  This I absolutely LOVE.  She can touch a certain place on my side and I just ‘tip’ over with a thud.  I can lay there forever with her petting me and it would never get old.  Just imagine how good it feels when someone rubs your back – exactly! 

This feels especially with good if she does my spa treatment before hand.  You know, a hot bath with suds all over, a quick dry off with a towel and then a rub down.  That is heaven!  What do you mean everyone doesn’t get this kind of attention?  I’m shocked!

Well, I’m off to take another quick nap.  We shall chat later friends!


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