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Just Running

This weekend I played around the house running up and down the halls to my bedroom and through the front room.  Mom says it’s a hoot to be sitting on the couch and hearing a piglet snorting and running through the house.  When she wasn’t expecting it, I would stop right in front of her and ‘bark’.  It scares her and makes her jump every time – snort.  My ‘bark’ is kind of like between a dog’s bark and a rooster call.  It’s kind of funny even for me to hear. 

I did a lot of playing in the house because the purr things were playing with me.  We played tag a lot.  Hemi, the older purr thing, likes to slap me in the butt and take off.  I try to chase him down but he’s fast and can jump on the couch really fast.  I’m fast but I also have my belly to contend with and it slows me down just a tad. 

The other purr thing, Mouse, well she’s just a little princess.  She likes to sit on the couch and wag her tail when I come by.  She knows I’m going to try to get it and if I do she screams all mercy so dad comes and saves her. 

We all have our play toys as well that we scatter throughout the house.  I don’t know why but all of mine are in the shape of pigs.  I haven’t gotten the connection there?  One of mine is a tug of war piggy with strong rope.  I like it when mom gets on one side and I’m on the other.  I use my teeth, mom uses her hooves.  It’s a great way to spend some time. 

Other than playing around, I slept a lot.  I love it when mom lets me on the couch and she snuggles with me.  I feel safe and get all cozy warm.  I get so relaxed that I start snoring and dreaming. 


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Baby Pictures

My mom is like all the other moms out there. She likes to whip out the old baby book and start showing pictures to whoever will look. We took the trip down memory lane this weekend. I’m a little over 8 months and mom said I was growing faster than kudzu in the south. I guess that’s fast.
She found a couple of my favorites that I thought I would share. Can you believe I was this small?





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