Pig Love

17 May

You know I’m a great pet.  You doubt this?  See I give unconditional love.  I like to snuggle.  I like to curl up and sleep right beside you so I can feel your heartbeat and heat from your body.  I’ll ‘talk’ to you by doing my little snort chirps.  I like to entertain you by running and making a sound that is a cross between a rooster and a dog bark.  It’s very entertaining.  I’m very gentle and I’ll eat right out of your hands. 

I try to help you clean by following you around like a little puppy.  I try to help you cook by being your sous chef – I love it when food accidently, of course, falls to the floor.  There is no 5 second rule for me – it doesn’t last that long.  I help you with the laundry by rolling around in it to make sure that it is piggy approved when you are trying to fold. 

I wake you up in the morning and I consider myself your alarm clock.  In return, at night, I love it when you leave a snack on my pillow and tuck me in at night. 

And all I ask for in return, is your love.  Why?  Because I love you.


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2 responses to “Pig Love

  1. Chancy the Gardner and Crew

    05/18/2012 at 12:55 pm

    You sound like such a sweet and fun pig sweet Bacon. We love pigs! Hugs and nose kisses


This piggy would love to snort with you :)

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