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I’m a Pigdini

So Friday night I stayed up late with mom and dad playing around. After they put me to bed, they usually stay up watching their “ghost” shows. They say I’m too young to watch that kind of television right now.

Well, around 1:00AM I woke up wanting a drink of water. I heard mom and dad still up but they didn’t hear me. I’ve been watching a lot of magicians lately and my favorite is Houdini.

With watching him lately, I’ve been calling myself Pigdini. I remembered some techniques from the great escape artist. I was able to get out of my crate. I sneaked over to my door and looked down the hall. Mom and dad were still watching their shows. And oh shivers they looked scary. So, I thought I would get them. Buwahaha

I shut the door to my bedroom. You can just imagine the look on their faces. I was trying no to laugh but it was getting hard. I heard them turn the television off. I heard them talk between themselves. I then heard dad walk down the hall and stop in front of my door. I was trying to stand still so he wouldn’t hear my hooves on the floor but I was laughing so hard.
Then dad opened the door and came in. I just walked out of my room and bounced on in the front room. I’m not sure who was more shocked, mom or dad. I know I got them good.
I got to stay out for a few minutes, got a little snack and drink and then mom put me, little Pigdini, back to bed.

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Happy Mothers Day

I know it’s late in the day but I’ve been pampering my mom. I let her sleep in late this morning. I helped her with lunch. Okay, I ate her lunch. But I was looking out for her. We played together. I helped her clean my room. And, this afternoon I helped her prep all of my food for the week. I might have begged for floor treats.
So for all you do for me mom, thank you for being my mom and adopting me. My life would never have been the same.


P.S. I shout out to my Aunt Tina. She sent mommy a gift from me today. Thanks Aunt Tina!

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