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Angry Birds and Mischievous Pigs

I’m sure you recognize the games and the pictures.  My dad plays this game often and lets me watch.  I think its really hilarious.  He gets so animated like the pictures.  I’m like, “Dad, it’s okay – it’s just a game”.  He cracks me up playing.  He moves  his entire body and when it doesn’t work out he makes noises.  He calls me a pig – sheesh – look in the mirror pops.  🙂

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Bacon the Alarm Clock

Picture this with me on my little journey.  You’re laying in bed deep in sleep, body all relaxed all snuggled in your blankets drooling… okay that part is me – LOL.  Completely out to the world in your dream state in the darkness.  No worries in the world.  Then you hear it –

STOMP – STOMP – STOMP.  I’m in my night time crate and I’m jumping up and down calling my mommy – “FEED ME MOMMY” – I’M STARVING!  And on top of all of the STOMPING, you also hear


You wake up startled and alert.  It doesn’t matter how long I’ve been doing this – it still surprises you and you jump sitting straight up in bed shaking your head.  Yeah, I think of this a daily service to you since you have to get up for work anyway.  During the week – I’m very precise.  I start my procedure right at 6:30AM.  At least on the weekend I’ll give you until 7:30-8:00AM 🙂

And not only am I doing you a service by being your alarm clock, look at it like this.  I’m just calling my mommy like I did my birth mother.  And  you know I’m an early morning lover.  After breakfast of pig pellets and cheerios (I have to watch my cholesterol), I like to snuggle wuggle.  I’m the sweetest during this time.

So if you need an alarm clock of my caliber, I can be rented out – snort 🙂  I gotta make mom some money so she can keep me accustomed to my way of living. 

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