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Aaww The Perfect Spot

When mom comes home from her work thing, I get snuggles. We watch television together and usually I drift off to sleep. Did I mention that I usually fall asleep on her legs using her feet as a pillow? Snort – best pillow around.



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I Do What I Can

See I’m a nice piglet.  I do what I can to help my dad out.  He exercises during the day when mom is at her happy place – don’t know why she calls it that?  So, some times I try to help dad out.  I frequently will take the remote and run down the hall to my room to hide it.  Or I’ll take his newspaper or book, his socks, whatever is handy.  I look at it as helping the old man out.  And I know he likes chasing me.  Have you ever chased a pig?  Don’t knock it until you try it.  LOL

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After mom fixed my breakfast this morning, she sat on the couch cuddling and rocking me.  We were listening to the pitter patter of the rain hitting the roof and windows.  It was putting us both in a sleepy state.  I’m not sure which one of us drifted off first, me or mom, but snoring from each other woke us both at the same time 🙂  I asked mom how often rain happens and she said not often enough. 

Then mom told me that she had to get ready for work.  I asked her why she had to go out in the wet stuff and she said that she had to because she had to keep me accustomed to my way of life.  My eyebrows went up and I snorted.  I asked her what she meant.

She then proceeded to tell me that not all piggies stayed inside, had their own room and lived in the luxuries that I had. 

You mean to tell me that there is actually pigs that ‘live’ outside all of the time?  In the drippy wet stuff living in nature?  I’m shocked.  I thought all piglets had their own room, their own bed, room service and turn down service at night?  Every piglet doesn’t have daily piggy massages?  I know – how shocking is that!  I was as surprised as you are right now. 

Then get this, she told me something even more alarming.  Did you know that some piglets get fed something mom called ‘slop’.  What in the world is this ‘slop’?  Heck, I get 3 meals and 2 snacks a day.  I don’t think you would consider my salads, omelets, fruits or vegetables would be ‘slop’.  Do you? 

This gives me a lot to think about today.  I guess I am a P.P. like my dad calls me.  You know what P.P. stands for, right?  Pampered Pig – 🙂

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