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The Perfect Summer Time Pool Toy

Snicker – mom is going to buy me a pool for this summer for the back yard.  I can’t wait.  I’ve already found the perfect pool toy.  I can put it on, get in the pool and scare mom, dad and especially the neighbors.  They won’t know what’s going on.  I’m laughing just thinking of it.  I think I’ll have the entire back yard to myself. 

I know you know the theme music from Jaws.  Doh – Doh, Doh – Doh, Doh – Doh.



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Most Interesting Pig in the World

Please don’t eat me.  Eat more beef.  Eat more chicken. 

I’ve heard the Chick Fil A cows are tasty. 

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Operation Piglet

Over the weekend, mom played a game with dad that she said took talent. She said that I didn’t have steady hooves so I just watched. They were using pinchy things to go into small places to remove things. If they touched the sides, an alarm would sound. It was so funny. You might know this game called Operation? I bet you don’t recognize the board though.


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Cyber Hogs

I like to thank everyone that is following my world. I appreciate your comments and your referrals of my page to other people. I love the emails and messages I get from y’all. Sometimes we just need to slow down and say thanks to those who matter the most to us and send out some major cyber hogs 🙂

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Pig Tipping

I admit it. There’s a game that my mom has been playing with me since I was a wee little thing. There’s a special spot on my side that she knows gets me every time. It turns me into sludge. She touches it and I just tip over. Now understand when I mean when I say tip over. It’s not a let me lay down on the floor moment. I’m talking tip over. You touch the special spot and I just fall over with a thud. I can’t help it. Mom calls it pig tipping. I call it rub my tummy mommy and ooohh that feels good.


See it starts with the tip



It ends with a special belly rub. Notice that I enjoy it so much that I hike my leg. And yeah, if you can find the spot to pig tip me, I’ll let you rub my belly too. This is daddy rubbing my belly.




I like it when mom gets on the floor and plays with me at my level. She often pig tips me. She rubs my belly, massages my back and then we snuggle. I like to put my snout on her neck. I can feel her heart beat plus her neck gets my snout warm. A warm snout is a warm piggy.


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Did You Know?

Well, I learned a new thing yesterday. Did you know that it is frowned upon in this establishment to make hoove marks on the momma to get to your banana treat? Well it certainly is. I was surprised too.

Mom was being oh so generous in giving me a banana before bed time. I don’t get them very often but when I do – shivers they are so fantastic! The little pig in me just got so excited! I couldn’t wait for her to strip the banana and give it to me. She sat on the couch to do this which frankly has to be mom’s fault because she knows food and me have a long and lengthy history. I can’t help myself – I’m a foodie.

So, while she was attempting to unwrap the peel from my banana, I thought I would help her out and crawl up her bare legs to meet her half way. I admit I left some hoove tread marks near her knee area and I might have gotten so excited that I nipped her wrist a little. But really – B.A.N.A.N.A – doesn’t everyone go beserk for them? My mouth is watering right now just thinking about it!

Mom finally got the peel off and threw the banana on the floor. Of course – snicker – dad was laughing like a hyena on the couch at her. He thought we were playing which he should have known better. I don’t play with food.

Afterwards when I was finished and licking my hooves at the deliciousness, mom took me to my bedroom for a little prayer meeting. She explained that although I have a healthy appetite and she can relate to wanting some delicious right in the moment, I can’t attempt to climb up her legs anymore and definitely no nipping. I agree to this and I apologized by giving her snout kisses.

Like she said, all children get in trouble and parents love them regardless of their misbehavior.

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Happy Memorial Day

For all that you do. For all of the sacrifices you’ve made. For all the time spent away from family. For lost love ones. For the freedom you fought for.

Thank you so much!


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Don’t Come Knocking On My Door

Today for my afternoon nap, dad tucked me in bed with some celery and carrots and I watched The Three Little Pigs on my flatscreen.  I know it’s old school from the 1930’s but I love Mr. Disney and his movies.  This is like the upteenth time I’ve seen movie and I have some thoughts.

Let’s talk about the pig names first.  Practical Pig, Fiddler Pig and Fifer Pig.  Really?   Did you know that they even had names?  Couldn’t come up with something unique like Bacon, huh?  Ham, Sushi and Maxwell were taken?




Then let’s discuss something that’s kind of ironical.  Did anyone else notice this scene in the movie?  Do you see “Father” in the photograph on the wall?  Really?  Mr. Disney bravo to you for having such a wicked sense of humor.  Goodness, it took me almost 3 times watching to catch this.  I asked mom what did it mean?  Was that their father?  I didn’t quite understand.  Mom said that when I got older she would explain.  Translation – it’s something bad. 


So Fiddler Pig plays the fiddle and Fifer Pig plays the flute.  – puts my hoove to my head – how original.  They went the cheap way and made their houses of straw and sticks.  They did it quickly so they could play their lovely musical intruments all day long.  What a party that must have been!

Leave it to Practical Pig to build his house of brick.  He tried to warn his two little brothers who wanted to play all day but they didn’t listen.  They went on with their little jamboree while Practical Pig spent the extra money and time and built for the future not for the moment. 

Then enter the big bad wolf.  Practical Pig tried to warn Fiddler and Fifer Pig but they didn’t want to listen.  That big bad wolf puffed and huffed and blew the house of sticks and house of straw down.  What did the brothers do?  Run to brother’s house to have him save them.  Of course, Practical Pig *always* has an exit plan.  Big Bad Wolf didn’t want to listen and tried his best to get in the house finally thinking he had a way through the fireplace.  I bet he was surprised when he dropped in for dinner and HE was the dinner!



So bottom line on this story.  Apparently this big bad wolf didn’t meet my ancestors – PigBrutus, PigSpartacus and PigDynomite. They don’t put up with much bull from anyone. They learned from great, great, great, great Uncle PiggyJohnWayne.


So, do you see the story in a different light now?  Do you understand my thoughts?  What are your views?  Please share – I’m all about having my Oprah moment.



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Just One Thing to Remember This Long Weekend


Take a good look at this cute little fellow.  See how adorable he is.  We are a special breed. We give love and ask for only ONE thing in return.  You ask what that is?  Think about me on this long holiday weekend.





Eat those adorable cows from Chick Fil A.  They’ve let fame go to their heads already.  They’ve went Hollywood and forgot about their heritage.  Yeah that’s it – EAT MORE COW!


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Help Me Win the Battle

So mom is decorating my room for me.  I’m trying to tell her that I’m not a little piglet anymore.  I’m a pigtween.  I don’t want cute little posters in my room of piglets jumping through a field in the sunlight.  I want vavavoom pictures 🙂  You know which ones I’m talking about.  Sexy girls on the wall.  I have to be a stud when my friends come over and visit.  Mom says absolutely not.  Dad on the other hand said that if I could convince mom then he would be down with it.  So, I need ya’lls help.  Help me convince mom.  I found some naughty – I mean – wickedly good posters for my room.  And yeah, I do have a crush.  ((Of course I just read the magazine for the articles.))


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