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Who Needs a Hoover


Momma says who needs to clean with the Hoover when I’m around. In fact, sometimes she calls me her little Hoover. Not sure what that’s about. I’m just a little pig doing what a little pig does…rooting around to see what I can find.

Momma says she does that on the big black box in the kitchen that she gets food out of. One day – I will conquer that big black wonderful box. Mmm there’s a lot of tasty things in it.  I know that’s where my carrots, salad, celery and strawberries come from.  One day I will figure out how to open up that contraption.

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Getting My Exercise – Snort

So I’ve been a busy piglet getting my exercise.  I’ve even learned a few things here and there to get mom and dad into the groove as well.  For instance, the other day I was sitting on the couch with dad watching our afternoon television line-up.  Dad got up to put the laundry on.  What he didn’t realize was that he left me, a mere piglet, unattended with the remote control for the television.  Snicker Snort.  So what do I do?  hhmm… well as soon as he came back into the front room, I grabbed the remote and ran to my bedroom with it.  Of course you know dad being a man, he can’t live without that little device so he chased me down the hall to my room.  Thus, we were both exercising.  Pig 1 – Dad – ZERO.

Saturday, mom was reading her book with me sleeping on the couch beside her.  She got up from the couch to go get us something to drink.  Bad mistake on her move.  Me, well I’m fascinated in the art of literature and took off with her book down the hall to my room.  I was able to get back on the couch before she knew I was gone.  She got all settled, gave me a drink and then reached for her book.  snort – snort – she couldn’t find it.  She took one look at me and I couldn’t hold back.  I jumped off the couch and ran down the hall.  Of course, mom chased after me.  She knew I had it then.  But, I got her off the couch for a bit too.  She chased me down the hall to my room.  Pig 2 – Mom – ZERO.

See, I look at these acts as a kindness to mom and dad.  The more they exercise, the longer they will be in my life.  Wonder what I can do next?

Snort Snort Out!

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