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My New Trick

Mom has been teaching me tricks. I know – I know. I’m a pig. But it such a little thing to make mommy happy. And when mommy is happy, I’m a happy pig. It helps that she trains me with treats. Snort

So I wanted to make sure I had this down first before I shared. I let mom get a picture tonight of it. It’s a little fuzzy but you can see that it’s me. Notice my cute little tail – grin.

Okay, so you ask what the trick is. Well, mom has been training me to “stand”. Heck since I’ve learned how to climb I guess she thought standing would be nothing. She was right. I’ve accomplished it.

So what do you think of a standing, adorable trained piglet?


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I’m Stuffed

So this weekend we did nothing but lie around, eat and play. Mom and dad were home most of the weekend. It was great. Yesterday we watched rabbits in the backyard. One looks like a mom and the other a baby. They were so cute in the yard running around and eating clover.

Today, mom washed the new pig mobile. I timed her and watched. It took her all of 10 minutes. It was fun to watch. Afterwards, I kept laying down on the floor and she would scratch my belly. I was so tuckered out. Yawn, well I see early to bed for me tonight. I gotta get some rest. Oink oink out


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My Backyard

This is my backyard and the view is from my bedroom. Sometimes I can look out and see two bunnies. I call them Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. They’re out there all if the time eating clover and trust me. There is a lot of clover back there. It’s also very secluded. Thats the best part. Mom said this summer she might get me a pool. That will be a blast!


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Moms New Ride

Mom bought a new pig mobile for me to ride around in. It’s perfect for me. There’s a little spot in the back that is a great fit for me. Buzzing around in it, of course I’m strapped to my harness, is a hoot. People look, stare, point, laugh and wave. I just know its because they think *I’m* cute. What do you think? Mom said she would take a picture of me next time.



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I Still Have Room to Grow

I don’t think I shared with everyone that mom weighed me this weekend.  She jumped on the scale and then picked my long, wiggly little behinney up and jumped back on.  She started laughing.  I’m not sure if that was a good thing.  So, remember that my birth mom was 25 pounds and my birth dad was 30 pounds. 






Okay, come on.  What were you expecting it?  34 pounds is not that big.

I’m still a small miniature pot bellied pig.  I haven’t really gotten much ‘bigger’ per say.  I think I’ve kind of grown length wise.  I’m more like a weenie barky thing now.  And anyway, mom still thinks I’m cute so I’m good.  I’m still for the most part a vegetarian.  I eat my veggies, my salads and my fruits.  I get my exercise chasing the purr things.  It could be worse.  It could be like the picture below.  Heck, I have something to shoot for now.  Snort – oink oink out!

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Career Day

Okay – here’s the scoop.  I’m trying my best to talk mom into taking me to work one day with her.  I’ve been by to visit but I’d like to see what she does to.  Alright – I know.  I just want to play with the guys.  They were fun last time chasing me all over the office.  I got so excited I peed all over mom!  It was a blast.  I want to do it again.  I’m older now – I can hold my bladder.  You can call it Career Day for me to see what i want to do when I grow up.  They call me a pig – I’d fit right in – snort.

So, here’s the thing – you gotta convince mom to do it or she won’t bring me.  Give it your best shot please, I mean really oink oink cute please. Cute face. 

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Happy Administrative Professional Day!

To Mom and all of the other great administrative professionals – have a great day! 

You keep everyone in line, together and on time. You may not hear it at work, but I appreciate you.  I know how hard my mom works.  So two snorts for everyone – snort snort!


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Bbrr Shivers

Who left the freezer open? It’s cold! It’s been so warm and then yesterday and this morning it’s been shivering cold.

In fact after breakfast this morning, mom had to wrap me up like an original pig in a blanket and hold me tight to warm me up. I was shivering in her arms. But she was cool. She let me put my snout under her shirt collar to warm it up. Thats a nice way to warm up.

Well I gotta run – yawn – time for my beauty nap. Oink oink out.

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Let the Banjo Music Start


 Let’s start the party.  I am so ready for the weekend.  The weekend means that mom is home to play with me.  We get into trouble together instead of me just getting in trouble with dad.  Snort – it also means extra treats for me.  I just want to lie around doing nothing, having my servants – oops I mean mom and dad – wait on me.  This means translates to extra loving too.  Mom will let me sit beside her on the couch and she will rub my tummy and back until I fall asleep.  Then when she goes to do something in the house, I’ll go over to dad and he’ll do the same thing.  It’s just so much fun.


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A Thank You to My Followers

I know I probably don’t say it enough but I would like to thank everyone for reading about my misadventures and your comments.  It touches my little pig heart that everyone likes to know what I do and how my days go.  It’s like reaching out to family all over the world. 

I’m growing bigger and I hope to post more often now that I have my days pretty planned.  There’s lot of more misadventures out there for me to get into.  I mean, come on, I’m like a small child.  I get into trouble a lot.  It’s the getting out of trouble that makes it interesting.  I mean, can you get on to someone as cute as me? 

So in the future, look forward to more stories about me learning new things, the purr things, and of course my cuteness will be posted as well.  Also, I have to update you on my room and the way it’s coming along.  We are slowly decorating it to fit me, a young pig son.  I want something that I can grow into. 

So once again, thanks for hanging with me.  You make it worth writing about!


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