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It’s On!

I am definitely out of hibernation.  I strutted my stuff around the house yesterday.  I ran and ran skidding on rugs and playing with the purr things.  I am definitely feeling my cheerios lately.  Cheerios… that brings me to something I’ve been pondering.  I eat Cheerios for breakfast with my piggy pellets in the morning.  I have to be heart conscious and watch my cholesterol 🙂  Well my cousin, Sherlock Bones, in Louisiana.  He gets what he calls Captain Crunch in the mornings with his doggie feed.  What the heck is Captain Crunch?  I didn’t know sea captains crunched.  Shaking head.  So confused. 

So anyway, back to my ways.  During winter, I was like a bear and just didn’t do too much.  Last night though, it was on like Donkey Kong.  I was running through the house and snorting away.  I was trying to talk to mom.  I stopped in front of her one time and snorted at her.  She started laughing.  I then just fell down on the floor so she could rub my belly.  She did much more.  She got on the floor with me and gave me a piggy massage.  AAWW – that feels so good!  I was so relaxed that when she tucked me in to bed, I passed out. 

Well gotta go,  I’ve got some rooting to do in my blankets, running and of course my favorite thing in the world – eating 🙂

Have a great piggy day!

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