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You Know the Parent

I sit here and reflect on my parents.  You have to love them.  When you think of your parents,  you know there’s always one that is the pushover that you can walk all over. (::) Well, that would be my daddy.  I sense afraid in him and how he can be afraid of little ole me I don’t know 🙂 I must have done something right – oink oink.  Take in part yesterday, he told me to do things and I wouldn’t.  I drove him insane.  I know I probably shouldn’t have but you gotta keep your parents on their hooves – I mean toes.  And, I paid for the consequence of having to take my nap early but it was all worth it. By the time mom got home, he was exhausted so my plan went well. 

That is until he told mom about his day – uh oh.  The fun was over.  You see mom is the one you don’t play games with like that.  She makes me walk the line and by all means she is no where afraid of my little behind.  So we had a nice little prayer meeting last night about how to treat people.  I get it.  It was still fun though – snort snort.

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