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Hotel Thompson

Greetings from the Hotel Thompson…(my humble abode). 

Just to let you know that my stay here is awesome.  I get daily room service in my room with breakfast in bed.  I get daily fresh linens and turn down service at night.  I also have great luxuries like daily deep tissue pig massages, fresh fruit at my disposal and play mates to run around with and get in trouble. 

At night, they don’t leave a mint on my pillow but they do leave a carrot.  They have great shows on television on pay for pig.  Of course, all these luxuries are free.  And heck, they even leave the light on in my room so I can come/go as I need.  I get to take a swim and blow bubbles in the pool … of course the humans call it a tub. 

Hopefully, soon in the near future I can teach people to leave one of these on my bed at night. 🙂

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How Could You Say No To This Face?

How Could You Say No To This Face?

This is the face that caught my mom. Once she saw it, she couldn’t say no. I remember the day back in October 2011. It was nice and fallish outside. My birth mom knew there would come a day that I would be adopted. She told me all about it and we both wished for a wonderful family. We would be sad to leave each other but mom said that my new family would love me just as much, if not more.

I was so excited that day running around and waiting for my adopted mom. I remember the sound of mom’s car pulling up. I had just eaten lunch. Mom walked up and it was like a ray of sunshine entering the sky. I looked up and it was like coming home. She picked me up and held me against her shoulder and I snuggled up to her neck and went to sleep. I felt that safe and that loved immediately. That was 5 months ago and i still feel the same.

I heard mom talking on the phone the other night. Someone asked her if she still loved me as much today as she did that first day.

Mom said, “No, I love him more.” AAWW – I love my mommy.

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