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I was playing around with mom when she took this picture. I’ve gotten so used to her whipping out her camera that I think I actually smiled in this picture. I don’t mind her getting snap happy but come on mom I draw the line at naked pictures of me in the tub. I don’t need that kind of blackmail picture for when I start dating. I know it’s going to be bad enough for my first date. Mom is the kind of person to cry and bring out all the baby pictures. But… I guess I don’t mind. She loves me and I know it.


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Spring is Coming –

Do you smell that in the air?  It smells crisp.  It smells cool but with just a taste of warmth.  It smells like I should be out running in a field of daisies feeling the wind on my tail and the soil on my little hooves.  It’s new to me.  Momma calls it Spring and says that its almost here.  In fact, she says it arrives next week.  I can’t wait to meet this Spring.  If it was even similar to the air floating throughout my room this weekend with the windows open – I’m in. 

Winter has been nice.  It was my first but at times it was too cold for my little body.  Mommy had to put extra blankets on my bed so I wouldn’t shake.  There were days that all I wanted to do was snuggle in with mom.  Plus I was in my hibernation mode.  That was new to me too.  I wasn’t a big fan of the winter.  All I wanted to do was sleep, eat, snuggle and eat.  Did I mention eat?  And, I admit it.  The winter and hibernation mode kind of made me a little snippy.  I know you’re shocked about that aren’t you?  It did.  But slowly with this thing called Spring, I should be coming alive and becoming all the pig I can be.  It’s time to start chasing… I mean playing… with the fur kids again. 

So, next week on the first day of Spring, think of me.  Hold your head and tail up high and run through the daisies like my friend Sushi below.  (I know, what a stupid name huh? snort )

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