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Terror Bacon

So today I had a lot of spare time on my hooves. Dad slept in cause he said he was feeling under the weather. How do you get under the weather? I still haven’t figured that out.

So I played in my room and rearranged the furniture. My new favorite thing are boxes. Mom “had” a few in my room that she was going to use for packing. I thought they would be better play toys so I shredded them into a thousand pieces all over my floor. It was fun and only took about 10 minutes.

I thought the lamps looked better laying on the floor then standing up. And hey, did you know the shades on the lamp are really crunchy? They shredded pretty easily too.

My bed. Well, I thought it looked better on the other wall. And why not pull the blankets out and make a mess right on top of them. I was very happy with myself.

Then there was a carpet that was under my door. Did you know that you can pull just one string and the entire thing unravels? I was kind of surprised to.

And you want to know how strong my snout is? Sheet rock is not really that strong and with enough torque in running we found out its not made out of sheet or rock. I tunneled my way just like in Shawshank Redemption to the bathroom next door to my room. Call me the great escape artist.

So you remember Dallas and who shot J.R? Well, it was all a dream just like all of this was. It never happened. I’m too sweet to be that bad 🙂


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