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Well Played Bacon

Snicker snort. Call me a little magician. Mom got on the phone tonight and I was roaming around. When she got on the phone she asked dad where I was. Snort – I found the buffet in the kitchen. I snuck in while she was on the phone and pulled the lid off the cat food. Then, I climbed in and was enjoying the buffet. Bye bye “D” word. Nice knowing you! Evil pig snort.


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Uh Oh – You Said the “D” Word – That’s Naughty!


Well, I heard a word today that I thought I would *never* hear.  It was the “D” word – Diet – THUD!  Mom talked to the pigiatrician and said I needed to a lose a little weight.  This is totally new to me.  I mean I am a pig.  That’s what I do.  I eat. 

Mom said though I’ve been having a problem with my eyes.  I know I have ridiculously bad vision but it has been worse lately.  The pigatrician said I had put weight on around my face area and that was pushing against my beautiful eyes.  So, here we are.  Cutting back on my snacks and my bedtime treat.  Mom said if I lost weight, she would lose weight with me.  That’s my mom – always thinking about me.  I love her.


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