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Some of my Famous Idols

These are some of my famous idols that I look up to and want to be as famous as one day.  Can you name them?  One day – I will be FAMOUS… more so than I am now… snort.








Porky Pig, Miss Piggy, Piglet, Babe, Pumbaa, Hamm, Percy Pig, Wilbur

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Chef Assistant

So lately I’ve become moms chef assistant in the kitchen. I love the nights when she lets me in the kitchen to help her with dinner. We go in and she makes the yummiest smelling things. Of course she makes me leave if she goes into the oven but it’s only for a few minutes.

She calls me her little sous chef. I call myself the cleaner. 🙂 For example, she chops up celery and I get to taste a few samples. (by the way, celery is a new thing for me. It was great!). When she chops up carrots or apples, I also get to taste a few. 🙂 And the other night was my favorite. Mom made homemade French fries and of course washed and peeled the potatoes. Guess who got to clean up all of the peels? Another new food that was wonderful. And yeah, I got to sample a couple of fries too. Snort.


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