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Time for the Crime

I’m in jail. I might have stepped on moms toes while she was cooking. I couldn’t help it. I wanted a French fry.

I might have snouted dads ankles. My snout is pretty wicked. It’s hard like rubber and rubbing it against skin hurts like the dickens. But I was trying to get a French fry from him too.

And I guess the kicker was biting Mouse Girls tail. Shakes head. It was there and she was wagging it. It got my attention.

So, I’m in piggy jail in time out. I can’t come back out for a while. Sigh.

So please help me. Start the campaign and shouting, “FREE BACON”. It needs to go world wide.


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My Sister – Mouse Girl

Meet my sister Mouse Girl. This is why she is so gullible to me. She lays around and leaves herself open for me to pick on her. She’s cute and adorable. I love playing with her but she likes to stay to herself most of the time. With me and brother in the house with her, she is all girl.


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Goldfish mmm

So mom got me something new at the grocery store yesterday. She called them goldfish. I call them tasty little morsels. I didn’t get a lot. Just a few at a time. But they were yummy !


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