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I’ll Pass On That

I finally came across a food that I didn’t care too much for. I ate it because well you know I’m a pig but can we say spit spit yuck snort.

Mom said it was a cumquat. It was a vile little thing. It was a little big bigger than a grape tomato, orange in color and had a great citrus smell. That’s where the enjoyment stopped.

Mom quartered two of them and took the seeds out for me. You eat the entire thing and I say that nicely. 🙂 The rind is sweet which is nice but then you get to the fruit inside. The fruit fills you. It’s sour like you wouldn’t believe! It shocked my little piggy body.

I don’t think I like them at all. Shakes head and walks away.


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My Friend Maxwell

I really want to be like Maxwell when I grow up.  Have you seen his new commercial.  That pig is something else.  Now he is luging down the streets of America.  I *so* want to try this.  I wonder if mom will let me?  It would be a blast.  I could just picture me going WEEE WEEE down the streets weaving in out.  I wonder if I could get a PUI ticket – Pig Under Influence?  I would be under the influence – the influence of FUN!


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