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Another New Food

Today I tried something so totally awesome. Mom gave me a snack of blueberry Greek yogurt. Oh thud! I couldn’t control my tail. It was wagging out of control. It was delicious. I got it all over my snout and face.

I had to thank mom for it. 🙂 I ran over, rubbed and kissed her legs. She didn’t even complain about the yogurt I got on her. It was pigtastic!

Well I gotta go to bed. Yawn – in exhausted from the weekend. Oink oink out.

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Nemesis and Weakness

Every super hero has a nemesis and a weakness. Spiderman’s weakness is responsibility and his nemesis was the Green Goblin.

Superman’s weakness was kryptonite and his nemesis was Lex Luther.

Well me, AKA SpiderPig, has a nemesis and weakness as well. My weakness is my belly. Touch it and I’m yours…stretched out and ready. My nemesis well that is Jimmy Dean. He’s always after my piggy body.




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Oops I Was A Bad Piggy

Yesterday I was out and playing throughout the house most of the day. The only time I had to go to my room was for my afternoon nap and while mom and dad had dinner. It was great.

But, then that deviled ham came out in me. I know…shakes head. It’s like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (I saw the Scooby Doo version on my television).

I kept playing with the garbage can in the living room. That wasn’t bad enough. I kept trying to knock it over. Puts head down. I succeeded and knocked it over one time and tried to get in it. Mom got on to me and told me no. She put everything back.

But … Like any other child, you know I’m going to go back. The entire time I’m going to be watching you like “I’m” not doing anything. So I knocked it over again. Mom told me no again, picked everything up and told me that if I did it again I was going to bed early. I know what she meant and understood my choices. So what did I do?

Yeah I know stupid move. I went back over to the garbage can and did it again. Shakes head. I know really dumb. So I went to bed early last night. Apparently knocking trash cans over and rumbling through them is frowned upon in this establishment. 🙂

That’s why I didn’t get to post. She even took my computer AND I didn’t get to watch my cartoons before bed. Will I do it again? Probably – snort snort. I am a pig. LOL

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