New Foods

03 Feb

I’ve been kind of lax in telling everyone the new foods that I’ve been trying lately. So let’s catch up.

I’ve tried honeydew and cantaloupe. I almost love them as much as watermelon. Nothing beats watermelon yet.

Strawberries – Gods perfect little package. I like to squash them with my teeth. Mom has been giving me a few when she tucks me in a night. Love them as well.

Potato chips – not an usual snack but dad eats them sometimes so he let me try one. It was barbecue Utz. Might I say Utz is one of the best chips I’ve ever had.

I’ve also tried cucumbers and spinach. Not bad at all. I especially like my spinach omelets.

I would love to try a cutie. The name is so me. Snort. But I do think I need to try at least a little piece of one.

I also want to try a cumquat. The sweet rind followed by the sour fruit. Mmm.

Well if you think of any other things I need to try, let me know. Oink oink out.

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